NetEase Games announces Hyper Front Lite version for low-end devices

NetEase Games announced Hyper Front Litethe smaller and more optimized version of the last tactical shooter game of Hyper forward. It has inferior graphics to its original counterpart and is designed for low-end phones with 3 or 4 GB of RAM. Players can save their accounts on both versions of the game.

The original version of the game just launched in four countries earlier this year, but now they are releasing the game in more regions. Both the original version and the lite version were compared to Riot Games’ 5v5 game Valorant which is available on PC and the mobile version is also in development.

Experience all of Hyper Front’s existing game modes in a lite version

In Hyper Front Lite, players can experience thrilling battles that draw blood faster than any shooting game fan by playing in different modes like FPS Search and Destroy Mode. In these modes, players must advance strategically and make smart and tactical decisions to ensure victory in this intense shooting battle.

Players can choose from six different modes viz. team mode, Deathmatch, VS BotSnD fast and arms race modes as well as the other two modes already mentioned above. Players have gold coins after each round which helps them buy better weapons which have a great impact on the overall battle. Players must therefore spend their gold wisely and not waste it.

They can choose from a range of over six categories that altogether have nearly 29 different weapon types. The developers made sure to fine-tune the grips, recoil and everything else for each weapon very precisely so that players can enjoy the excitement of real battle.

Choose from a huge roster of in-game heroes and characters

Picture via NetEase

Each hero has a different ability that can be useful in some way. It’s up to the player to decide what might be the best choice for him. Their choice has some weight on the outcome of the game if they can use the hero to his full potential.

Players who have Android versions 5.0 or later with a minimum ram of 2 GB RAM can support the game quite easily. The Lite version is not yet available on iOS devices although the original version of the game is available. Players can download the Lite version instead if they want a better optimized and smooth experience and game graphics are not the top priority for them. They can download the game from Google Play. To learn more about the game in detail, they can also join their Discord server or visit their official website.

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