nerd 4. Console gamers demand to stop playing PC cross play due to life


Console players Call of Duty: Warson They ask for activation to reduce Cross play With PC version Because of so many cheaters, they play hell. The situation has become really unbearable for some who can no longer enjoy this game.

Like many great last generation multiplayer titles, Call of Duty: Warson allows cross-play, that is to say, allows you to play with users of different platforms. You can turn off cross play on PlayStation (not selected), but not on Xbox. That being said, console gamers in general don’t support much. Cheater From the PC world. So many people want to be functional, but can exclude PC users, leaving only the console.

A thread on Reddit Players dedicated to the subject have collected many complaints that no longer support the situation. SecOnd, author, asks to save the console community: “Cheats have been on the rise for a while now, but now they look more like regular gamers.

Many people agree with him, including some PC gamers who have realized how insurmountable the situation is, believing that Activision will at least save the game on consoles, where there are still cheats, but more complicated to use.

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