Mobile developer TiMi opens new studio to make AAA games



Call of Duty: Mobile and Honor of kings developer TiMi has launched a new studio that will work on AAA games.

TiMi, who is also working on the next Pokémon UNITE, has opened the brand new TiMi Seattle studio that will focus specifically on big budget cross-platform video games. The studio will be run by veteran game designer Scott Warner, known for his work on titles such as Planescape: Torment and Valley of the Ice Wind, who noted on Twitter that the team already has 25 people.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Warner also revealed that his team are currently working on an original competitive first-person shooter, though details are still scarce. “We are working on [it] with a lot of people coming together, who have been making these games for a while, ”he said. “We are focusing on PC and console at the moment. But at the end of the day, we want our game to be played on as many platforms as possible. “

Warner also told the post that he joined TiMi because the developer would allow him to work on a brand new IP address without becoming completely independent. He also said that his teammates shared the same point of view as he did.

“It was appealing to me the same way it has been to a lot of our team members and a lot of people in triple A are now in these mega-franchises that really can’t make original titles,” Warner explained. . “They have a kind of risk aversion. And so the teams have two choices, in a way, either to become independent on a smaller scale, or to continue working one after another. “

“TiMi came to us with the ability to take risks with a blockbuster budget and new intellectual property. It was obviously very attractive to me because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, ”he added.

Earlier this year, TiMi formed a “strategic partnership” with tech giant Microsoft to “jointly create great gaming content and bring a whole new sensory gaming experience to the majority of gamers.” The company also noted that the content that TiMi is working on with Xbox Game Studios will be officially revealed this year.


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