Microsoft Xbox Metaverse: CEO Satya Nadella Teases Virtual Worlds For Gaming, But When?


Microsoft Xbox Metaverse is a proven company for the company, and it was revealed by none other than CEO Satya Nadella in a recent interview. The CEO said Metaverse for the Xbox gaming platform would be a great fit, especially since it would take virtual worlds to a whole new level for the company and its gamers.

Microsoft Xbox Metaverse: Satya Nadella confirms

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Microsoft’s Xbox Series X (Black) and S Series (White) game consoles are on display at a SK Telecom flagship store in Seoul on November 10, 2020.

From an interview with Bloomberg Television, Satya Nadella spoke about the new metaverse that teams will soon be passing through, but also mentioned the company’s plans when it comes to games. The CEO said Xbox Gaming will “absolutely” have a metaverse because it is one of the places where the virtual world fits.

Playing the metaverse isn’t a distant adventure, especially since the virtual world appears to be a game in itself, focusing only on an open-world RPG where players can choose what to do. The metaverse would be more of a new reality that can give people different characteristics, feelings and content, something that real life cannot, hence its name of “virtual world”.

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Microsoft Xbox Metaverse: In-Game Virtual Worlds

Xbox’s role in the Metaverse would be huge, especially since it could delve into different games and offerings from the console and the games company for the shared world. The new reality is a vague concept for now, as it is only in its early stages of development.

Could the metaverse become a successor to the internet?  Here's how it could turn out

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Could the metaverse become a successor to the internet? Here’s how it could turn out

There are no concrete options for Microsoft’s and Xbox’s Metaverse at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it would be forgotten. Also, it is still in its early stages, and that means it could be scrapped or ignored. However, Nadella considered that different simulation games and sandbox in the platform are already the “metaverse” and have their characteristics.

Xbox gaming in the present

Xbox gaming in the present is already a mind-blowing experience, especially with the many features and technologies it brings to contribute to its overall quality. The Xbox Series X has been compared several times with its rival, the Sony PlayStation 5, and many have said it is the best console with the 2020 versions.

Microsoft doesn’t have a lot of VR options for Xbox Gaming, unlike Sony’s PlayStation VR, but that is about to change as the company is planning something big for its beloved gaming branch. Instead of an immersive experience with VR, the company immediately switches to AR and metaverse, which means it would be more of an interactive experience.

The announcement comes after Microsoft’s plans to delve into the Teams metaverse experience that would take work and productivity to a whole new level. However, that’s not limited to Teams only, and it’s something Microsoft will be focusing on for the Xbox Gaming branch as well, with the X Series and other Xbox products being the recipients of the feature.

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