MGCM Magical Girls Beginners Guide and Tips

Magical Girls MGCM is a themed girl Gacha Roleplay on mobile by Gae Mobile Limited. In this game, players will have to work on managing a team of magical girls, to chase away darkness and defeat demons. This is the MGCM Magical Girls beginner’s guide to help you get familiar with the game.

Understanding the basics of MGCM Magical Girls


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MGCM Magical Girls features their story as the main focus of the game. You play as the protagonist of the story and your job is to guide and fight alongside the magical girls you befriend as you go. you progress through the story. You must strengthen your bonds and help girls reach their potential by exploring endless possibilities.

magical girls

Magical girls are characters you can choose to fight demons. There is currently 12 magical girls which you can choose for battle with many variations of their dress. The 12 characters are:

  • Asobe Iroha
  • Tomonaga Kaori
  • Sodeshiro Seira
  • Yuwase Cocoa
  • Higashiyama Akisa
  • Ohtori Ao
  • Ohtori Aka
  • Yukifune Eliza
  • Yarimizu Lily
  • Tamaki Hanabi
  • Okada Marianne
  • Oikawa Iko

Bond level

Bonds are the depth level of your relationship with your magical daughters. You can increase your link level by clearing stages or battles. You can claim rewards each time a magical girl’s bond level is increased.


Dresses are costumes that your magical girls can use that can have different variations of abilities and elements that you can enhance with Enhance Magic Silks and Bells. You can choose a dress to be the main dress and 4 different dresses of any magical girl as an underdress to receive boosted stats. An underdress with the same item and character will give even higher bonus stats.

magic girls dress mgcm
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It also comes with different types of rarity, from lowest to highest is N (Normal), R (Rare), SR (Super Rare) and UR (Ultra Rare). You can increase the clothing level limit via Limit Break by spending identical spheres and robes while upgrading their skills by consuming materials identical to their element.


In the quests menu, you can check out different types of battles you can do in the game. Such as Main Story, Daily Quests, Endless Quest, Demon Tower, Challenge Quests, Challenge Quests. event and many more.


One of the main parts of the game is the battle. The system is turn-based, which means you can choose which skill your magical girl will do against which enemy. Once all of your magical girls are done attacking, the enemy will then attack back.

battle of magical girls mgcm
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You can also choose to enable certain features to help you play the game. Such as:

  1. Reading speed : Allows you to increase the speed of the battle by 1x, 2x or 3x the speed.
  2. Autoplay : Automatically let the AI ​​make the decision and play the game for you.
  3. Automatic pass : Automatically replay the same stage for easy reaping of rewards.


There are 5 types of items present in the game that your magical girls can have, with some sort of rock, paper, and scissors system in place. The elements are:

  • Fire: Good against Thunder but weak against Water
  • thunder: Good against Water but weak against Fire
  • Water: Good against Fire but weak against Thunder
  • Dark: Good but also Weak against Light
  • Light: Good but also Weak against Dark

elements that are Well against another element will receive a 30% increase to perform to hit (30% increase in damage) and a 15% increase in critical rate. But if the element is weak, he will then receive a 50% chance for attacks to miss and a 15% decrease in crit rate. This means that light and dark affected both rulers.


Orbs are items that can be equipped to dress up in their corresponding slot to increase their stats. Their rarity is almost the same as a dress, but with a different prefix for each rarity (except for normal). They are:

  1. Glittering : Same as UR
  2. Glowing : Same as SR
  3. Brilliant : Same as R


magic girls studio mgcm
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The studio is where you can outfit your magical girls with any dresses you’ve unlocked, no matter what character they’re in. Combined mode and take pictures of them in photo mode.


Team is a guild system where you can join or create a team, interact with team members, and participate in multiple team battles. A team can only consist of 24 people, so remember to quickly join one when available.


These are tasks that you can complete to receive rewards. There are 3 types of missions, Beginner job, Daily missionand normal mission. Don’t forget to check the game regularly and complete the daily tasks.

Gacha and shop

gacha store magical girls mgcm
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The place where you can spend your normal and paid gems in exchange for the required robes. You can also go to the store to buy all kinds of materials and items with different types of currencies such as Gems, bells, character badges, and others.

Sabbat Arena

This is the place where you can challenge other players’ magical girl parties. You will need a certain amount of Stamina S start fighting in the arena.

MGCM Magical Girls Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our MGCM Magical Girls Beginner’s Guide to help you beginners get started on your journey.

1. Use Your Gems Quickly

If you just started playing, the game will usually give you lots of gems which you can collect from the rewards menu. You can use it for gacha at the start of the game. Drawing a batch of 10x will always guarantee you receive an SR and above character, so make sure you only use that.

2. Choose the best magical girls

After spending your gems in gacha and acquiring SR and higher magic girls, you can now start placing them in your party. To automatically place the most optimized party, you can go to Dressselect quest packagehurry remove allthen press advised. Don’t forget to save it.

3. Focus on deleting the main story

Finally, what you want to do is go through the story as quickly as possible. Indeed, more features will be unlocked as you progress through the story. By following the tips above, you can be sure to get through the story fairly quickly by also using the to jump button to skip the story scene.

That’s it for today’s MGCM Magical Girls Beginners Guide. Did you find our MGCM Magical Girls Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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