Magicians Dead: Force of the Soul Trailer, Release Window

Developer Byking has released new information on Magicians Dead: Force of the Soul. This is a new 3D multiplayer fighting game slated for release on PlayStation 4. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Soul strength is a sequel to the original Dead magicians. This title, an arcade game based on motion control, has received limited release in North America.

See more of the game in the trailer below.

The Magicians Dead: Force of the Soul the trailer exposes the basic conflict at the heart of the series. The game and its environment revolve around a conflict between “magic users” and “psychicers”. Magic users include witches and wizards and live in secrecy. This faction uses ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation. The psychicers are agents of a global government agency dedicated to stopping extremist magic users. Psychicers use psychic powers to fight at the level of magical users.

Developer Byking also worked on the Mobile Suit Gundam VS series, Gunslinger Stratos, and the ephemeral game of the PS3 era The rise of the incarnate. Based on the gameplay footage shown, Magicians Dead: Force of the Soul seems to have a similar emphasis on high mobility battles with locked aim. Players will face off in 3v3 matches and use flashy attacks to take out each other. A story mode or character interactions also seem to be part of the game, although the emphasis is on multiplayer. Although the original arcade game used a custom motion controller, Soul strength seems to use more traditional gamepad-based controls.

Magicians Dead: Force of the Soul is slated for release in Spring 2022 in Japan on PS4. Byking has yet to announce a location for the game.

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