League of Legends new champion leaked

Recent leaks have revealed League of Legends’ new champion, Bel’veth, marking the game’s return to the Void region.


With a roster of over 150 characters ranging from ordinary humans to bizarre Lovecraftian beasts, League of Legends has built a diverse and unique lineup since the game released with its original 40 champions in 2009. Recent characters like Zeri and Renata Glasc have seen Riot Games take bold new directions with its character gameplay as the company continues to grow. bring in champions like Udyr and Aurelion Sol and upgrade their kits. Now, a recent leak has revealed the game’s next character, and it’s the one fans have been waiting for.


League of Legends has seen plenty of new characters over the past few months in many parts of the Runeterra world, however, the dark horror-themed void hasn’t been the recipient of Riot’s development efforts for some time. Four years have passed since Riot last welcomed a Void character into League of Legends with the release of Kai’Sa in 2018, and fans are crying out for a monstrous new addition to the region’s game roster. Now a prominent League of Legends leaker unveiled the long-awaited Void Champion, Bel’Veth.

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League of Legends YouTuber and leaker Ryscu uploaded a video early Wednesday giving fans a first look at Bel’veth’s gameplay model and a hint at the character’s gameplay. Bel’veth’s normal form depicts the character as a manatee-like void beast with a purple underbelly and a human head protruding from the creature’s top. Ryscu goes on to explain that when Bel’veth uses his Ultimate in League of Legendsshe takes on a more bestial form, with the human head replaced by a gold headdress and gold trimmings along the wings.

Along with the reveal of Bel’veth’s base skin, Ryscu also teased the premium skin the character would receive upon launch, hinting that Bel’veth will be releasing with a Battle Boss skin. A Battle Boss skin for Bel’veth would mark the first time Riot has returned to the Arcade theme since 2019 when Caitlyn and Kai’Sa received Arcade skins, and Qiyana and Yasuo saw their opposite Battle Boss skins. Riot has yet to officially confirm an upcoming Arcade-themed event, however, Battle Boss Bel’veth would likely be joined by a handful of other additions to the skin line.

The Bel’veth leak comes as Riot Games appears to have a lot on the horizon throughout the year for its flagship game. In previous discussions on League of Legends‘ for 2022, Riot hinted at several new champions coming from regions of the Runeterra world League of Legends remains to be explored. Additionally, reworks of former champions supposed to arrive this year like Udyr and Skarner have been a hot topic for League players for years. Bel’veth’s introduction to League of Legends will mark the long-awaited return of the MOBA to one of gaming’s most overlooked regions.

League of Legends is now available for PC.

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