Launch of the AYANEO 2 console in September with Zen 3 technology

AYANEO designers and CEOs held a 5 hour-long event where they unveiled their upcoming products, namely the AYANEO 2 and the AYANEO Air.

AYANEO Air will begin shipping as the first product to various media reviewers and other enthusiasts. AYANEO Air has its own range with Ryzen 5000 APUs. The range includes:

  • AYANEO Air base model
  • AYANEO Air environment model
  • AYANEO Air pro model
  • AYANEO Air elite model

The AYANEO 2 will be shipped with the Zen 3 based Ryzen 7 6800U processor with 8 cores and 16 son. Compared to the steam deck, this handheld will have 12 RDNA2 Calculation units, 50% more than the steam bridge.

AYANEO 2 also has an official release date. The company plans to launch the initial batch at the end of September as mass shipping will begin in October.

AYANEO 2 release date | AYANEO

Interestingly, the AYANEO 2 works on the Windows operating system making it the first portable gaming device to feature Windows. As for the display, a full IPS-HD panel will be used. Therefore, we can expect better image quality than the original which only has a 720p display.

If those specs are jaw-dropping, then you’ll be surprised to know that this isn’t even the flagship model. The top-of-the-range AYANEO will be the AYANEO Next 2 with a larger screen, analog sticks, buttons and also touchpads similar to the Steam Bridge.

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