Kotaku Splitscreen Podcast Brings Video Games Back to School

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Some of my best sleeps have been on a small desk.
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Remember when the new school year coincided with the video game boom in the fall, inexorably intertwining the acts of learning and playing? When you would come home from a long, hard day trying to stay awake and spend a few hours in front of your favorite games to relax? If not, don’t worry. In this week’s episode of Kotaku split screen we remember those days for you.

Or Ethan, Lisa Marie and I remember our versions back then. Back in the days when Lisa Marie would bring her simple, non-SP Game Boy Advance to school to trade Pokémon, or when Ethan would spend hours with Final Fantasy VIII. Or when I, much older than those two, would trade pirate black and white Apple game floppy disks like Conan with other students in my early computer science class.

In this back-to-school episode Split screen we also discuss the games set up in schools, and no, not only Character. Were talking Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, which starts in a school, and Danganronpa, in which high school students are murdered. We even talk Lollipop chainsaw, Goichi Suda’s high school zombie action game, that now that I’ve had time to Google Image Search I am incredibly embarrassed to have played and enjoyed. Ho boy.

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