Konami announces partnership with Bloober team amid Silent Hill rumors


Konami and Bloober Team (The Medium, Blair Witch, Observer) have announced a “strategic cooperation agreement” that will see the two companies develop games together – adding weight to rumors that the Polish studio is working on a new Silent Hill game.

As detailed on Bloober’s investor relations site, the partnership “will include the joint development of selected content and the exchange of know-how”. Hideki Hayakawa of Konami said the partnership will combine “the Bloober team and our respective characteristics and strengths to create high quality content.”

by Konami own company declaration implies that any collaboration between the two companies is not yet fully finalized: “We will announce information on the content of the business alliance once the details are decided. No specific plans were detailed, but speculation and rumors have pointed to a new Silent Hill game for sometimes.

Previously, reports had said Konami had started outsourcing the development of Silent Hill to third-party developers, with a game believed to be in the works with a Japanese developer. However, Bloober has previously said he’s working on a horror IP with a “very famous publisher,” sparking rumors of a new Silent Hill project. Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka has separately announced that his latest project will be announced this summer, calling it “the one you hope to hear about.” Yamaoka has worked with Bloober before, although it’s unclear if that relationship is ongoing.

In a statement provided to IGN, Konami wouldn’t go into exactly what Bloober was working on, simply saying, “We’re excited to be working with Bloober Team and other high-profile development partners to produce games from existing IPs. and news. “

Konami also clarified that it will develop games both with external developers, while continuing internal development: “Our alliance with Bloober Team is an area in which we continue to evolve our approach to game development. We will continue to explore partnerships with a variety of development companies as well as pursue the internal development of key projects within our own teams, as we have been doing for many years. “

President of the Bloober Team, Piotr Babieno wrote about the partnership: “This is a historic day for me and the culmination of many years of our work. The fact that a company as renowned as Konami has decided to cooperate strategically with the Bloober Team means that we have also joined the world leaders in gaming and have become a full partner of the main players in this market. “

The Bloober team recently released The Medium, which we gave a review of 8/10, calling it “a psychological horror adventure that’s nothing but thriller and no filler.” We’ve been waiting for a new Silent Hill game since 2012, after Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills was canceled and caused collaborator Guillermo del Toro to swear never to make another video game.

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