Keybol Games launches Jack Ax game on Steam and Nintendo eShop – Manila bulletin

Keybol Games Jack Ax

Pampanga-based video game development studio Keybol Games has officially released its latest creation Jack Ax, a 2D pixel art open-world platformer on Steam, Utomik, and Nintendo Switch.

Developed by an all-Filipino team consisting of Thea Morrison, Mike Reñevo, Melai Silvestre, and Bari Silvestre, Jack Ax’s gameplay revolves around the main character – Jack, who has an ax – as she takes on a variety of platform challenges. form while using it ax throwing ability to explore a unique world. The game breaks the taboo with a young female character as the main actor by arming him and taking a “man’s job” despite protests from an angry god in this Norse / Filipino merger.

Jack Ax lets you explore a colorful and vibrant world with challenging platforming levels, taking the power of girls to the next level (and the next level) with incredible ax throwing power. You can use Jack’s Ax to achieve incredible platforming feats, with the game allowing up to four (04) players in a campaign from multiple game modes.

“The game started out as a desire to play Mario Odyssey. Just like with Mario’s hat-throwing mechanism, we decided to create a similar ax-throwing mechanism, but in two-dimensional space, ”according to Thea Morrison, co-founder of Keybol Games.

Keybol Games started making browser games and now develops and publishes desktop, mobile and console games such as Tower Fortress, Grand Guilds, Towertale, High Noon Revolver, Gnome More War, Kill the Plumber and Pretentious Game.

The development of Jack Ax lasted three (03) years, with the final product currently available for PC and Nintendo Switch. Future plans for the game include a release on other gaming consoles like the Xbox and PS4. The game’s soundtrack was produced by Zach Striefel, and the rest was commissioned from Tizianu Bellu, Callum Rivers, and The Mad Duck.

Jack Ax is published worldwide by Neon Doctrine and is currently priced at US $ 14.99 on Steam and the Nintendo eShop.



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