Kena Bridge of Spirits review, Titanfall 3 talk


This week on Game Rant Arcade, Cameron and Anthony discuss Kena: Bridge of Spirits and the talk surrounding Titanfall 3.

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While the biggest bombs of the week happened during Nintendo’s Direct showcase, the ones we’ll have to wait for next week. However, Cameron and Anthony still have a lot to talk about over this week’s episode of Game Rant Arcade, with one of the most anticipated games of the month, and even of the year, being a big one for the duo to chew on.

First off, there was more drama on the Activision front. The most important news is that Activision Blizzard is currently under SEC investigation, following the state of California lawsuit alleging a toxic workplace and other terrifyingly terrible events. were swept under the carpet of the company. Besides, Monitoring 2 lost its executive producer, painting an even bleaker picture of the company’s future.

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In other news, Quantic Dream could make a Star wars Game. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, rumor has it that Quantic Dream signs a new agreement with Disney following the execution of its contract with Sony. Quantic Dream creates a specific brand of narrative play, which portrays an image that it could be pulled out of lightsaber-wielding Jedi and instead feature bounty hunters, smugglers, or whatever. These are just rumors and speculation at the moment, however.

Respawn, meanwhile, said he’s too busy to do Fall of the Titans 3, although a statement released by the company since then has given hope that Titanfall 3 is on the way. However, with everything the studio is up to right now, it might be some time before fans see it, if they ever do.

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  • Activision Blizzard developments

  • Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Game

  • THQ Nordic Showcase Recap

  • Titanfall 3 Speech

Games of the week

  • Guardians of the Galaxy preview

  • Call of Duty Vanguard Beta

  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Auditor’s letter

  • Does Far Cry 6 feel less Next-Gen without ray tracing?

  • How big should Netflix games be?

  • Does Nintendo need to re-sync with Xbox and PlayStation?

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