Jets notebook | Senior Bowl Preview Edition

Saleh, the defensive coordinator, was on the 49ers staff who worked in the Senior Bowl in 2019. The following season, San Francisco went to the Super Bowl.

“He was behind the T-shirts in the [Niners’] locker room the following year that said “Mobile to Miami,” Nagy said, referring to Super Bowl LIV when the Chiefs beat San Francisco, 31-20. “So you can return it quickly. It’s a very smart thing the league does by sending teams that pick at the top of the draft order. I worked with Robert in Seattle, our lockers were side by side for a few years. Great coach, great energy, he brings a lot of juice to our practices, so we’re motivated to bring the Jets here. »

The American team, led by the staff of the Lions, is populated mainly by SEC players because, as Nagy said, Mobile is the country of the SEC. He added that players from the same school are kept together for continuity.

Finally, of note, former Jets quarterback Richard Todd, a Mobile native who was the South team’s MVP in the 1976 Senior Bowl and later led the Jets to the 1976 championship game. 1982 AFC, will serve as the match captain.

Take note of Carter and Nasirildeen
Last year’s Senior Bowl, which featured 106 players who were drafted, gave scouts an in-depth look at North Carolina running back Michael Carter and Florida State safety linebacker Hamsah Nasirildeen. They were drafted by the Jets in later rounds and are considered two young all-rounders who founded the Greens and Whites.

“I thought after leaving Mobile last year, Michael would go to the second round,” Nagy said. “I was surprised that he lasted until the fourth, [the second] was where there was the most buzz. On draft day, it upset us. Heard there was something medical, so the Jets got a little discount on the draft. He had a great week and a great game [60 yards on 8 carries, 1 TD]. The running back is usually an incomplete assessment as they are not tackled to the ground before the game. The game is when linebackers and running backs can really show up.”

Carter was the Jets’ leading running back in the 2021 NFL season. He gained 629 yards on 147 carries (average 4.3 yards/carry), with a long rush of 55 yards and 4 touchdowns. He was also the team’s fourth-highest receiver with 36 catches for 325 yards (9 yards/per catch). He missed three season-ending games with a quad injury but impressed throughout the season with his ability to blow up initial tackles.

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