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Another area in which the KeyMander 2 Mobile fails to respond is its actual operation. Connecting the KeyMander to your device via its app is not as easy as simply going through Bluetooth. First of all, you need to connect a DualShock or Xbox One controller to the KeyMander via the micro-USB cable.

Once you get started, you still need to connect the device to your Android / Apple device and follow the complicated steps in the instructions to get it to work. My problem with all of these steps is that a lot of times one of the steps gets messed up and then you have to start over.

The device is not very responsive so it becomes extremely frustrating as well as your phone connecting to it. It took away the pleasure of wanting to use it and actually became a deterrent for me to want to use it.

Another quirk for me was the fact that you’re really supposed to be using another phone / tablet to tune the one you’re playing on. I would have appreciated a better experience using just one device as it doesn’t make sense to have all of this stuff going when it’s supposed to be for a mobile device anyway.

The gameplay itself is not bad, but clearer instructions on software aspects would have been an improvement. It is not at all clear how to change the sensitivity, as there are so many ways to do it without the results really becoming too apparent.

You can load gaming profiles that allow your keyboard and mouse to have the best set of keys correctly mapped and these have actually proven to be fun to use. This aspect was actually very well done for the most part and made the gameplay quite enjoyable.

It was a great fun experience when everything actually worked except for the phone titled too low. It’s a shame that there are a lot of major blockages when it comes to this thing because I really think there is a place for something like that.

Plus, you can use it for “Desktop Mode” which basically lets you turn your phone into a mini laptop. That’s the pitch, but like I said, it takes a lot to get this thing going. There is hardly any situation in which I would use it for anything that matches these criteria.

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