InMobi and Anzu Team Up for Programmatic In-Game Advertising Partnership for Asia-Pacific

InMobi has partnered with to provide its advertisers with direct access to Anzu’s mobile programmatic inventory across the globe and preferred access to the in-game mobile offering in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. ). InMobi’s connections to demand-side platforms around the world, combined with direct sourcing from Anzu’s global inventory, will allow advertisers to access these ad experiences through optimized sourcing channels. Access to Anzu’s inventory will help InMobi deliver scale across a large number of mobile games spanning multiple genres, allowing advertisers to reach engaged gamers in immersive environments.

This partnership with InMobi will help many other APAC advertisers take advantage of the opportunity presented by in-game advertising,” said Itamar Benedy, Co-Founder and CEO of Anzu. “InMobi’s expertise and network of advertisers, combined with their knowledge of the APAC landscape, will help energize our solution in this market. There are more players in APAC than anywhere else in the world, and our solution will help brands reach them in a non-disruptive and brand-safe way that complements the gaming experience,” he added.

For Vasuta Agarwal, General Manager, Asia-Pacific, InMobi, the biggest benefit of Preferred Partnership across Asia-Pacific is that InMobi customers can now seamlessly connect with gamers through blended and non-disruptive advertising. . “With new features and the goal of connecting consumers and brands through Anzu’s high-end technology, this partnership will benefit all parties, including advertisers and publishers,” he said. she declared.

As part of the collaboration, InMobi’s partner game developers will be able to access Anzu’s Software Development Toolkit (SDK) to monetize their titles with in-game ads. In addition, InMobi will help game publishers games to tap into global demand and expand into in-game ad monetization to drive incremental revenue through standard formats and in-game ads through a single platform. InMobi advertisers can also request viewable metrics when programmatically running in-game ads thanks to a recent collaboration between Anzu and Oracle Moat that enabled the first in-market viewability measurement for in-game ads. Game.

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