How to rent a legendary weapon in the game

Recently, Call of Duty: Mobile saw a great race. Since August 15, India’s Independence Day, the game has started releasing improvements that players have never seen before, including the To run! A dance video, a music video and other distinct and fascinating things to notice. The ability to rent a legendary weapon is one such upgrade. Here’s how to rent a legendary weapon in COD Mobile.

How to Get a Legendary Weapon for Hire in COD Mobile

Players now have the option to rent a legendary weapon of their choice, from a bundle of 4 weapons. Currently the bundle consists of the following weapons

Image via Activision
  • Type 25 – Magnetic Motor
  • PP19 Bizon – Summon
  • RPD – Practical Joker
  • MK2 – Helical quality

Players can choose their weapon of choice from the bundle and use it for 3 days at a cost of 40 CP. Players who often acquire legendary weapons do not need to spend CP on this package because it is not worth it. The package seems like a great opportunity for players to try out legendary weapons for a very low price, even if it doesn’t benefit free users significantly.

In the past, BGMI had a similar feature that was only temporarily available. Due to the fact that it only lasts three days, not many players would choose to purchase this option to rent a legendary weapon, even if it seems to have some appeal. Free players, on the other hand, can work hard in the tournament, which rewards top players with a significant amount of CP, or participate in giveaways held on social media platforms, in order to earn CP.

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