How to play and arcade games like Contra, Mario or Road Runner on PC

Playing old arcade games is always fun. Especially in the current scenario where console games, high-end graphics games or even mobile games are taking over the entire market, arcade games still hold a special place in our hearts and every now and then, we have tendency to revisit them and play so-called televised video games.

They’re short, small in size, and convey a sense of satisfaction and nostalgia that we all grew up with. This article will show you exactly how to find them, download and install them, and then play them on your PC. Just follow these simple steps and then you can play any old arcade game like Mario, Contra or Road Runner on your PC.

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Find the right websites

More often than not, we all end up visiting some site that gives viruses to our PCs as a return gift. We must stay away from them. Here is the list of the best websites where you can download Arcade PC games for free without having to worry about viruses.


Softpedia is one of the safest websites on the internet to download PC games for free, especially when you want the old arcade games. They provide direct download links so you don’t have to look anywhere else and also have good quality internet servers around the world that provide great download speed. Just search for the game in the search bar option and you will get the desired game for PC.

Games from A to Z

From A to Z for Arcade Games

This website is not exactly the place to download games, but a platform that will easily direct you to other areas where you can easily download games without hassle. This site is regularly updated to follow the new games and that you are not left out.

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Find good emulators to play games on PC

Mame emulator

When it comes to emulators, hardly anyone can beat Mame. It lets us play games from gaming giants like Capcom, Namco, Neo Geo, and Sega, all of which are home to Old Arcade Games. It’s like an arcade gaming mecca.

The only downside of Mame is that it is a bit complicated to use, so you have to activate it using the ‘Command Line’ option on your PC. Then Mame will be able to see your ROM and play the game via command line or UI. All arcade games are available there.

Download from here.

Mail emulator

For Nintendo games, “Messen” is also a good option similar to Mame, but easier to use. The moment you download ‘Messen’, the developers have provided a document along with it to guide you through all the procedures.

Download from here.

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These are the best ways to relive the old days and enjoy arcade games, which we all used to play for hours.

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