How to improve skills in No More Heroes 3


In No More Heroes 3, players can upgrade Travis to improve his stats and access new special moves. They will need to save enough WESN to do so.

As it has been 11 years since the last No more heroes, players might find themselves a bit lost when they pick up the last entry in the series, especially to improve Travis’ skills. More heroes 3 is unconventional, and because of this some mechanics may not be obvious to both new players and old fans. To try new moves in More heroes 3, players will need to make sure to pay attention to the upgrade.

Before deciding to upgrade Travis, players must meet two conditions. First, they’ll need enough WESN (World’s End Super Nova), a special upgrade currency that players can acquire by exploring the game’s open world regions or completing challenges ranging from engage in combat turn collectibles into mini-games like mowing the lawn. This currency is distinct from UC (Utopia Coins), which mimics real currency.

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The second condition for improving Travis’ skills in More heroes 3 finds Dr. Naomi’s lab. Players simply need to leave the motel where Travis lives in Santa Destroy and find the Burger Suplex building. They will have to use the staircase leading to the laboratory. Alternatively, the fire pole in Travis’ house can also be used to access it.

Use the Arcade Machine Power-Up to improve your skills in No More Heroes 3

The Power Up Arcade Machine in No More Heroes 3 takes WESN as currency

Once inside the lab, upgrades can be obtained from the Power-Up Arcade Machine located near the large tree in the center of the room. Players can spend WESN for improves Travis’s attack, health and potency stats, upgrade its Death Skill cooldown, or learn new special moves and skills. Additionally, this machine can also be used to charge Travis’ beam katana, a type of sword that is a staple of the No more heroes series.

The Power-Up Arcade Machine offers 10 levels of health and attack buffs, six levels of power gauge buffs, two levels of Death Skill cooldown reduction, and five special moves. The costs for these upgrades are cumulative, meaning upgrading the power gauge to level three, for example, requires a total of 2,000 WESN if the power level is one, but only 1,500 WESN. if the power level is two. To upgrade, players can simply maintain A until the WESN counter reaches the required quantity.

Upgrading Travis can be very helpful, as most of these upgrades can provide a more complex and rewarding combat experience. Players intimidated by what to upgrade first might find it helpful to know that all upgrades can be reset and all WESNs refunded in exchange for a modest CPU fee. This can allow players to level Travis worry-free in what will likely be the last No more heroes Game.

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More heroes 3 is available for Nintendo Switch.

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