How to get Aloy on PC and PS4


Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy is coming to Genshin Impact – first on PlayStation 4 and 5, then on PC at a later date – although you can have him on the PC sooner if you activate the abilities of cross-backup between your PS and your PC. She’s the first character of her genre to transition from a popular franchise to Genshin Impact, so if you’re looking forward to playing with her, our How to get Aloy on PC – Genshin Impact Cross-Save guide will answer all of your questions regarding when it will be available, as well as how to activate cross play.

How to get Aloy in Genshin Impact

Aloy has two release dates in Genshin Impact. PS4 and PS5 owners will be able to have it with the release of Genshin Impact 2.1 September 1, and other players will receive it when Genshin Impact 2.2 released on October 13. If you are at least Adventure Rank 20, you will receive Aloy by in-game mail. You will then have up to Genshin Impact 2.3, slated for a November 24 release date, to claim it.

How to link PS4 / PS5 account to Genshin Impact Cross-Save PC

When you bind your PlayStation Network and miHoYo accounts, you can then take advantage of cross-save capabilities and share progress between these two platforms. Previously, this was relegated to PCs and mobile devices. Currently there are some issues with this system, as you will see, but to enable cross play you will need to do the following. First of all, install Genshin Impact on your PS4 / 5. Then launch the game. When launching the game, go to Settings> Account> User Center> Link Account.

Now this is something that is really important to note – when you link your PSN account to an email address, that email address can not be already associated with a miHoYo account that has progressed on another platform. Once done, your in-game progress will be shared across all platforms and devices.

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