How Mobile Gaming Became More Efficient Than Console Gaming

Mobile phones and consoles have revolutionized the gaming industry and represent technological evolution and improvements over the past decades. Consoles were introduced shortly after video games became popular in the late 80s and currently it is a massive multi-billion dollar industry.

But mobile gaming has never been a strong contender; it was a looker until Steve Jobs announced the original iPhone. Before that, mobile phones were not even considered for serious games and now mobile games hold more than 50% market share and all this has been done in the last decade. Mobile gaming has come a long way and it is currently the market leader, having taken over both PC and console gaming. We will discuss some reasons for the success of mobile gaming over console gaming:

More smartphone sales

Statistics show that Sony has managed to sell around 53 million units of the PlayStation 4. This number may seem huge, but if we compare it to smartphones, this number stands no chance. Yes, there are other game consoles like Xbox and Nintendo Wii, but they still cannot beat mobile phones in terms of sales.

It is estimated that each year Apple sells around 220 million iPhones. Compared to 53 million, 220 million is a huge number and Apple is not the only manufacturer in the smartphone market, there are many other manufacturers like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, etc. who sell even more units.

These numbers clearly show that smartphone sales outnumber console sales because smartphones can perform multiple functions unlike a console which is only used for gaming. This led to a huge increase in sales of smartphones, compared to game consoles.

Affordability factor

The accessibility factor cannot be overlooked. You will find a smartphone in all price ranges, be it the $200 range or the $1000 range. This allows even people on a budget to have a smartphone, while you can’t buy a game console at a low price. Smartphones are not only affordable, they are becoming a necessity for many due to their various functions.

This smartphone affordability is a huge advantage that smartphones have over consoles. Anyone can own a smartphone, even a person working on a daily wage and they can play their favorite classic games like LonelyScrabble, Chess, etc for free without buying CDs or anything.

Powerful hardware

A few years ago, smartphones had normal hardware, but as technology advanced, smartphone penetration increased, and the need for powerful smartphones became apparent, mobile phones started to become more powerful. We now have 5 nanometer chipsets available in the market like Apple’s A15 Bionic and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 which is actually a 4 nanometer chipset. These have allowed smartphones to reach a higher level of performance in terms of graphics, speed and processing power and developers are taking advantage of this higher level of performance to create more realistic and demanding mobile games. in graphics.

In the coming years, as there will be more advancements in the smartphone industry, we might even see such powerful smartphones which can surpass consoles in terms of gaming performance.

Evolution of mobile games

There was a time when mobile games only had casual titles like Candy Crush Saga, Spider SolitaireAngry Birds, Cut The Rope, etc. to offer, but as mobile technology improved and mobile phones started to get better and better, mobile developers started developing heavy game titles with better graphics and interesting gameplay that could satisfy the users longer.

Mobile games have moved from casual games to games like PUBG Mobile, Albion Online, Diablo Immortal, etc. which have become a huge hit around the world and some have even become a part of esports. Mobile gamers now have the choice to play casual or play full action arcade games as they would on PC or consoles.

Mobile Internet is no longer a limitation

There was a time when people didn’t prefer mobile games because of the expensive data plan, which is dying out. Worldwide internet is getting cheaper and fast and uninterrupted internet access is no longer a limitation. Soon, 5G internet will become a worldwide standard that will ignite fast internet connections.

cloud gaming

Companies like Google, Amazon, and NVIDIA are moving towards cloud gaming with their projects like Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. With high-speed 5G internet and more powerful smartphones coming, smartphone users will be able to play any game they want at the best graphics settings from the cloud without the need for unnecessary downloads and it might be. for game consoles unless we see a major upgrade.

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