How mobile games helped develop the gaming industry



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October 1, 2021

Our lives are more mobile than ever. With the expansion of technology, it’s no surprise that games have followed suit with their innovations. Mobile gaming has become a staple of our culture and continues to grow over time.

Since the introduction of video games in the 1970s, many advances have been made. Newer technology has allowed for more immersive graphics and gameplay, as well as online play. The gaming industry has also seen a huge increase in the popularity of mobile games with smartphones. We will discuss how mobile games have contributed to the development of the gaming industry and what it means for gamers today.

The growing popularity of mobile gaming

It created a new entertainment platform and added value to the gaming industry.

Mobile games are video games played on smartphones or tablets. They are gaining traction with gamers around the world as prices begin to match PC and console games, bringing mobile games within the reach of an ever wider audience. A small subset of these games are also playable on non-mobile devices, such as personal computers.

The industry is currently worth around $ 152 billion and has grown year on year over the past few years. Analysts predict that the value of the global mobile games market will reach a staggering figure.

Currently, mobile games are more popular than any other platform across the world. The number of mobile gamers has already surpassed those on PC as well as console combined. It seems like everyone is playing games on their smartphones and tablets. Some reports suggest that more people are playing mobile games than anything else, and in the last quarter of 2019, mobile games generated more revenue than PC and console combined.

The industry has also been aided by technological advancements such as cloud technology, allowing users to engage in multiplayer hassle-free. Additionally, it was one of the first industries to use motion capture technology – a tool used in movies.

Reduced rates for players

Smartphones are now the ideal distribution mechanism, drastically reducing costs for game developers. Previously, game development costs were high and marketing expenses were even higher. Therefore, the gaming industry has been severely hampered by a variety of issues. Due to the high level of accessibility, most of the games can be downloaded with just one click through the Play Store or the AppStore.

Manufacturing costs have been drastically reduced and revenue comes mostly from in-app sales. Plus, with improved graphics, exceptional sound quality, and new gameplay mechanics, games are now more enjoyable than ever.

Technology allows millions of players to participate in the game as a group activity. MMOGs and MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) are extremely popular among gamers. With the advent of virtual and augmented reality, your living room will turn into a soccer field or a tennis court.

Reaches a large audience in the gaming industry

The advancement of mobile technologies has helped game developers focus on mobile gaming experiences. Not only have the developers focused on making the latest puzzle and strategy games for mobile, slot makers have also created slots that are accessible on mobile.

To reach a wider audience in today’s competitive iGaming industry, several casino operators are now offering mobile apps offered on app stores. Additionally, adult users can download apps for major casino operators to enjoy the latest jackpots, slots games and live casino games through app stores such as Google Play.

For new players who don’t know where to start mobile gaming. There are many valuable and informative tutorials available online to teach them the basics, like giving them everything they need to know about deposit restrictions and bonus features of slots.

Suppose players have difficulty in determining which casinos are legitimate and which it is suggested to play on. In that case, they can always visit a casino review site to see which acceptable casinos are ideal for playing. In addition, mobile games have contributed to the development of the iGaming industry by making games available to adults on their mobile devices and tablets, enabling casino companies to reach a wider demographic target.

Bringing well-known gaming franchises to mobile

Several game makers have even switched from popular console video game brands to mobile devices in recent years. For example, in 2016, Pokemon Go hit the market and became a worldwide sensation. New and old Pokémon enthusiasts could go out and use the app on the go to capture nearby Pokémon in their vicinity.

PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds) began as a computer game before changing to phone games for mobile devices. This game is currently one of the most famous in the battle royale game craze, and it has had a significant impact on mobile gamers and PUBG enthusiasts alike. With more people owning mobile devices than ever before, access to mobile apps and games is as good as it has ever been.

Changed the digital landscape

The growth of mobile phones from a QWERTY device used for messaging and calling to a smartphone capable of handling our daily tasks has been staggering. A few years ago, no one would have imagined that a mobile gadget could perform so many functions. The gaming industry has grown tremendously thanks to technological advancements. Traditional mobile games have been phased out and replaced by games with compelling storylines.

Holistic play

Previously, games were mostly limited to specific genres. Due to the poor user interface and game mechanics, the games weren’t particularly popular with the public. Interfaces became more comprehensive as technology progressed and manufacturers saw the promise of gaming applications. Technology and entertainment potential were used to create games. Not only are the games engaging enough with good storylines, but they also provide consumers with a full experience.


The internet, smartphones and other high-tech gadgets have transformed the world, and we can’t imagine life without them. Start playing now. Further technological breakthroughs in the gaming industry are expected in the years to come. The future development of the gaming industry will be geared towards increasing integration with the real world. More and more global AR games and gadgets are on their way to the next generation, encouraging them to fully engage in the world of online casino games.

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