Hogwarts Legacy ending impacted by Harry Potter in-game choices

With the Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy game on the way, there are still plenty of secrets and hidden details to be discovered about the RPG game. In fact, it looks like there will be multiple endings to Hogwarts Legacy in the open-world game, though the exact scope of these story changes is unknown.

This comes from a very brief quote from Hogwarts Legacy game director Alan Tew, who was one of the people in the recent Hogwarts Legacy gameplay video, which had an incredibly deep dive into gameplay and game mechanics Harry Potter, with many secrets to uncover. .

Tew’s words come after we’ve taken a look at the other students at Hogwarts Legacy, and how interacting with them provides more choices and options as you progress through the story.

“Different interactions with different characters can also provide different choice points for the player, and then some of those things can affect game-wide things, some of them affect character lives, game endings.”

You can see the clip with Tew’s quote below (around 9:50 p.m.).

To be clear, none of this confirms how many endings there are or how drastically different they might be. We could be looking at very minor changes to the outcome of some character stories, given that so much of Harry Potter lore is already set in stone, but we just don’t know.

The possibility of multiple endings at Hogwarts wasn’t the only thing shown during the gameplay video, as the character creation system and combat also had a deep dive. It looks like Harry Potter’s famous spell, Imperio, will also be changed for the game.

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