Have you played any of these 5 most downloaded mobile games?

Why not take a break from social media?


Sometimes we’re on the phone just to distract ourselves from reality – a bad day, being bored waiting for the doctor, or even just avoiding a conversation with strangers in a room.

There is honestly wrong with what you do with it your phone, but why give up social media a bit and enjoy fun, challenging and addicting games?

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We went for 5 of the most downloaded mobile games you could get to keep you entertained and occupied for the holidays ahead.

5. Race to the Temple

Temple Race

Facebook Temple Race

In Temple Run, the character begins to run at a reasonable pace in a linear maze. Over time, the character’s speed and the complexity of the maze increase. If your character stops running at any time (for example, because he has tripped twice), the game ends.

It’s an easy game to learn but difficult to master.

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4. Clash of the clans

Clash of the clans

Clash of Clans Facebook

Looking for a game with a little more depth? Clash of Clans is a strategy game wrapped in adorable isometric art style. What people love the most is that you can team up with friends to fight battles and earn trophies. So the main goal is to be the person with the most trophies – and you do this by successfully attacking someone else’s village, or successfully defending yourself against an attack from another player in line.

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3. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja Facebook

One of the easiest games on this list – Fruit Ninja is a simple fruit slicing game.

The players use their fingers to slice the pieces of fruit that jump around the screen. As the game progresses, more and more fruits appear on the screen and players can slice multiple fruits at a time to score combos. All you have to do is cut as much fruit as possible while avoiding explosives which can end the round.

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2. Jetpack ride

Jetpack ride

Jetpack Joyride Facebook

Here is another gem for gamers who love endless racing mobile game. This time however, there is a horizontal twist!

You have to take Barry Steakfries through obstacles as he tries to escape a jetpack he found in a top secret lab.

Note: One tip to help you master the game is to use Head Starts each time.

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1. Subway surfers

Subway surfers

Facebook metro surfers

Yet another entry into the endless runner category, Subway Surfers proves that old adage is true: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Combine the gameplay of Temple Run with a bit of the attitude found in something like Jet Set Radio and it’s simply a recipe for smashing success.

The object of the game is to outrun a train inspector while avoiding oncoming trains, barriers and other objects. Collecting coins along the way gives players perks like hover signs and high scores.

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These vacations don’t just have to be Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can give any of them your attention and skills!



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