Have you all seen that fashion police game where you shoot people with a sewing machine?

You might have missed it when it was released last week, but Fashion Police Squad is a delightfully colorful little arena shooter from indie developers Mopeful Games. In it, you are Sergeant Des, and with a gun in hand, you are tasked with uncovering a fashion crime conspiracy.

It may sound like a goofy joke, but it had so many positive reviews that I had to try it: and beneath the trendy exterior, I found a really good game that’s still funny, to boot. If, like me, you wrote this one purely on looks, you’re dead wrong.

The heart of Fashion Police Squad is the need to switch between weapons. Your 2DYE4 is a shotgun that paints on bright colors and drains overly colorful outfits with a beam to supercharge, while the Tailormade Sewing Machine is an extremely effective assault rifle against ill-fitting and baggy garments.

You match the weapon to the enemy type on the fly, dealing with the most dangerous first and working your way down. Like the best arena shooters, the most dangerous areas are almost a puzzle of skill and speed where identifying threats and knowing how to solve them is essential. Fashion Police Squad’s neat movement mechanics align with that.

You do that with your belt. By grabbing the belt to objects in the world around you, like flag poles, your officer can swing to quickly move from place to place. This lets you deal with nasty enemies and evade vicious attacks like exploding briefcases or fast-moving melee enemies. (Neon Bros on scooters.) There’s something awesome about riding past a mean enemy as you blast them with your dripping flamethrower.

It also has a kind of glory, as a special charged meter allows you to lift the shiny gauntlet of style and fly through wide open spaces giving ever-loving fashion sense to fashion criminals.

Is the joke still funny? I haven’t finished it, but the bright colors and entertaining energy of Fashion Police Squad (FPS) is truly a welcome break from the muted tones used in most retro-style shooters. (Whatever we call them.)

You can find Fashion Police Squad on Steam for $20, 10% off until August 22.

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