Has science gone too far? Crusader Kings 3 is ported to consoles


There are still some important distinctions between PC and console gaming, but here’s yet another example of the wall eroding between them: Crusader Kings 3 is coming to the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Crusader Kings games are great PC strategy epics in which players guide medieval families through generations of wars, intrigue, politics, and words that end in “-cest” and “-cide”. They are mosaics of menus, icons, buttons and tooltips, making them feel “only on PC”. It’s just hard to imagine lounging on the couch with a joystick while examining vassal traits and reading story prompts. Yet this is the plan.

Crusader Kings 3 will be released on consoles with a user interface and controls “that have been refined to bring that great strategy experience to a controller,” host Kate Yeager said during today’s Xbox Gamescom stream. In the trailer above, we briefly see what a radial menu looks like in CK3. A strange sight.

On the stream, Yeager called the console version of Crusader Kings 3 an “adaptation, no direct port,” but a Paradox rep told me the changes are mostly limited to the controls and user interface. , so to be clear, this isn’t a big overhaul of the base game. Details are clear at this time and there is more to come, but we’ve also learned that there will be new features specific to each console.

“Xbox Series X / S gamers will be able to quickly switch between gameplay and check out a YouTube tutorial on how to quell a peasant uprising,” Paradox explains in a blog post. “PlayStation 5 users will experience the stress mechanics of the game for themselves, as their DualSense controllers will physically respond to in-game events as they unfold.”

Other strategy games have appeared on consoles in the past with varying levels of success, including Paradox’s Stellaris, which released for Xbox and PlayStation in 2019. But Crusader Kings feels even more special for the PC, at least among the strategy players I know. We don’t have any “exclusives” per se, as no company controls PC games, but it still looks like the opposite of Sony’s Uncharted PC games.

It’s actually not the only time we’ve recently seen Crusader Kings 3 play on a console-like device. It was featured during the announcement of Steam Deck, Valve’s new portable PC gaming system. The Steam Deck includes trackpads that look more like mice than analog sticks, and can also be docked and used with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse like a regular desktop PC, so it’s not quite the thing. same as an Xbox. However, the overall message is the same: The PC gaming experience is less and less associated with desktops and desktops.

Paradox did not say whether support for the Crusader Kings 3 controller in console versions will come to the PC version as an update. The ports are carried out by the external studio Lab42, and it is possible that the overlay of their functionality on the existing PC version is simply not feasible or planned. We have asked the question and will keep you posted if we get a definitive answer.

Console versions of Crusader Kings 3 will be released “soon”. For more context, here’s our 94% review of last year’s PC version of Crusader Kings 3.

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