Has Chris Pratt ever played a Nintendo game?


During highly anticipated livestream of new game announcements Thursday, Super Mario Bros. Creator Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed the voice cast for Nintendo’s upcoming Mario animated film. In a movement predicted by perhaps exactly one person, the titular hero will be played by guardians of the galaxy/Jurassic World/The war of tomorrow starring Chris Pratt.

Unsurprisingly, the response from virtually everyone has been overwhelmingly negative. “Imagine surviving two recessions and a pandemic to have to endure Chris Pratt as Mario” said a. “Yeah, sure, let’s get Chris Pratt to do a Mario knockoff for the animated Mario movie instead of getting, you know, the authentic, literal voice of Mario who has been the character for 3 decades to play the real deal. ” said another. It is difficult, bordering on distress, to imagine Mario speaking with the voice of Chris Pratt. On the one hand, Mario is not “cool,” as Miyamoto said in his announcement. (And no more, in the eyes of many, is Pratt.) Plus, Mario is a man of “wa hoo!”, no grumpy phrases. And Mario’s capacity for action is worlds away from Pratt’s testing harshness.

But there is one vitally important question that missed all the dismay over the cast: Has Chris Pratt ever played Super Mario Bros.? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

In a Friday Instagram video About his casting move, Pratt talks about his earliest memories of the show. “There was a laundromat near my house and she had Super Mario Bros., the original arcade game, ”he says. “Oh, I loved this game.” He looks up, mimicking a wistful look. He goes on to say that despite the love of this game, “I never had a shift” to play it. He then goes on to remember stealing money from a well wishing to play the game (at this point this investigation may have called the shutdown, but we’ll continue).

He ends his video by saying, “I’m so excited to announce that I’m going to be the voice of this video game that I dreamed of playing as a kid. Dreams come true. “Wait, Pratt. In this slightly twisted syntax, does dreaming of playing the game mean that you… haven’t played it? Except maybe once with a stolen quarterback? otherwise looked longingly at the people who played it and perhaps refused to let you join as Luigi in two-player mode? The arcade version of super mario bros., it turns out, existed for a few short years until 1990. Is it possible that there was one at a laundromat in Lake Stevens, Washington? Sure! But given the strangeness of his phrasing, the slyness of the way he looks up, it all smells a bit. peep.

So I turned to researching Pratt’s relationship, if any, to video games in general. In the Plus column, he provided character voices in a handful of games, including those based on Lego movie. To verify. In 2012 he featured in an advertisement for the Xbox 360 game Kinect Star Wars, when he was known as the asshole dude of Parks and recreation. To verify. (For the record, this motion tracking game was super wacky.)

Once, in a red carpet interview, Pratt was asked what kind of video game his Parks and recreation the character, Andy Dwyer, would create. His answer was a Guitar Hero that intoxicates you, which makes sense to Andy, but adds little to Pratt’s good faith in the game. Guitar Hero! I even played Guitar Hero with my college president once, and god knows she don’t Actually play video games.

In 2018, the actor starred in South Korean print ads for another much bigger game: Fortnite, which is also known by almost everyone in the world. No check mark for Fortnite.

There are, however, two things that might suggest that Pratt knows more about the game than he otherwise suggests. In 2015, he tweeted a video from the popular YouTube Game Grumps series, titled “Super Mario Galaxy: Finale – PART 84”. This is the conclusion of the game from the hosts of the beloved Wii game, which is also notably part of the Super Mario Bros. series. whom Pratt claims to love so much. The tweet reads: “These guys at #gamegrumps have a lot of loyal fans. After listening I can see why. So funny! #EffBowser. “(#EffBowser, to my knowledge, has never been a real hashtag.) Gambling Grumpy has over 5 million YouTube subscribers and this video has over 1 million views; Based on this tweet, I doubt Pratt watched the previous 83 games. Still, Game Grumps is a bit more niche than some of the other gaming shows, which at least gives it, like, a respectable point in the player column.

The best, but most mysterious, proof that Pratt loves games is a photo with a murky origin. Years ago, Editors and other Pratt fans from his more innocent and less controversial days found and obsessed with a photo that shows Pratt holding a copy of Spider-man 2 on PlayStation 2. The game launched in 2004 alongside the film; it has received positive reviews and continues to be a cult classic. Pratt makes a silly face as he extends his free hand in a canvas pose. No one has deduced exactly where this photo came from or why it exists, but it is a very odd and rather hilarious photo.

But the age of the photo and Spider-man 2Aside from his place in the pantheon, Pratt simply holds the game, doesn’t play it. That doesn’t leave us any closer to confirming if he even owned a PS2. But Pratt never said he does not have own a PS2, to be honest! What if Pratt has ever seriously played a video game or even Super Mario Bros.– we’ve asked Nintendo for feedback and will update with any response – he will go down in IMDb’s history forever as the man who voiced Mario. This sound you hear is that of millions of Nintendo fans looking for a sewer to to jump.

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