Guy Builds a Working Xbox Series X Over Six Feet Tall

Big Xbox

What is a series now? A guy builds a tiny PS5 so someone else has to go out and build a huge Xbox Series X?

(Of course not, it’s just weird that we have two things like this in one week!)

Michael Pick, aka The Casual Engineerwas inspired by Microsoft’s own attempts turn Xbox Series X into a fridge, but equally frustrated that the larger novelty console no longer actually functions as a console. So he set out to do something even bigger, and this time, to build something that was still a working video game console.

The result? This massive Xbox Series X that measures over 2m (6’5″) tall and 1m (3′) wide. And OK, even if it took less hardware wizardry than shrink a PS5 into a case that was only an inch widethere is still an impressive level of craftsmanship and detail in this build.

First, it works, you can plug it into TV and play Halo on it, no worries (the huge wooden frame actually holds a regular retail unit inside). But Pick also went to the trouble of fleshing out the (now huge) details of the console, like building replicas of all the correct ports and labels to go on the back of the console, which look very cool in their puffy waist.

I surprised ZHC with the biggest XBOX Series X in the world

For what it’s worth the build is now the Guinness World Record holder for “The Greatest Xbox Console” (which is a light expandable as it’s really just a frame for a regular Xbox, but whatever). And if you’ve come this far without watching it all and wondering what happens to such an absolute unit, the good news is that it was donated to a YMCA in Atlanta so the kids could play on it. a console table that takes up a hilariously excessive amount of space in the room.

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