Get ready for a Golden Girls convention in Illinois in 2022

Grab your friends, buddies and confidants and get ready to celebrate one of America’s most beloved sitcoms, Golden girls.

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The Convention, Golden-Con: Thanks for being a fan, will be something Golden fans have never experienced.

Yes, there have been other ‘Golden Fan’ gatherings, like this cruise …

But you can’t shake Blanche’s glass at the one that’s coming to Illinois in 2022.

People waste their time wondering if a glass is half empty or half full, I just drink what’s in the glass. – White

Whether you feel the most connected to Blanche, Sophia, Rose or Dorothy, you are likely going to love all that this convention has to offer. It’s not like a typical “comic-con” convention either.

Discover some of the activities on the program:

Hell In a Handbag’s Production of Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes

“The best gift” seller’s market

A gallery of “Instagrammable” photoshoots

Appearances by guests, producers and others directly related to the show

“Take this dough” contest

Disco party “Mother of a dancer in solid gold”

Rusty pop-up anchor bar

“You’ve Got Style” character parade (with you-the participants…)

…and more

There are some big questions in your head now, I’m sure. I to bet I can guess the biggest.

You will get dates, ticket information etc. in a moment; the real important question is whether Betty White will make an appearance.

The New York Post shared this,

Organizers have said they are “working diligently” to secure an appearance for Betty White to some extent – but even if she can’t, co-producer Balof has said the timing is right for Golden-Con.

Why is the timing so perfect? The Golden-Con The convention takes place a few months after Betty turns 100.

When / Where / Etc.

The dates are April 22-24, 2022, at Center on Halsted in Chicago.

Ticket prices have not been announced and do not have an exact date on sale. You can find all the information listed here.

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