Get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $ 25 in this Black Friday deal

Black Friday deals are starting now, which means it’s time to top up your Game Pass membership. You can currently get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $ 24.99 (was $ 44.99) in Black Friday sales (see here). It’s just at Target for now, but we also expect more retailers to match the price soon, so stay tuned and follow. @IGNDeals for updates.

This is an offer of epic proportions, as this code will be in addition to your current Game Pass membership, extending it for 3 months at a reduced cost. You can also do this multiple times, continuously stacking the shed.

Black Friday 2021: 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate for $ 25

It’s a great time to jump into Xbox Game Pass right now, with Forza Horizon 5 (which we gave a 10/10 in our review), GTA San Andreas, and It Takes Two all available now. The Halo Infinite campaign is also coming soon on December 8.

Game Pass Ultimate is also the perfect form of Xbox membership, as it comes with Xbox Live Gold (for online play), Game Pass on console, PC, and in the cloud so you can play on your phone or laptop at no cost. additional. It also includes EA Play, which means you can access the Battlefield 2042 10-hour trial starting November 12.

Black Friday: 3 months of Xbox Game Pass PC for $ 1

Game Pass also offers PC games, and new or old members can get a cheap, easy-to-access membership right now for just $ 1. 3 months of Xbox Game Pass on PC, for only $ 1 (see here). That’s a lot, considering you’ll get access to Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 next month.

3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC for $ 1 (everyone is eligible)

New and existing members

3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC for $ 1 (everyone is Eligible)

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