Games with the best loading screens

Loading screens are slowly but surely a thing of the past. This is mainly due to the speed at which games can load now, as ninth-gen consoles and high-end PCs can start games before players can even finish reading the tip of a loading screen. .

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Naturally, most people will be happy to see the load times background. However, there have been a small handful of loading screens throughout the game’s history that have been so insightful or enjoyable that many players don’t want them to end.


7 Bayonet 2

There are many loading screens that allow players to run around aimlessly for a few seconds to kill time, especially in the Assassin’s Creed series. Bayonet 2 may initially appear to be another version of this, though it actually lets players try deadly combinations alongside a handy sidebar showing players how to execute them. In a game where nailing over-the-top combinations is the key to victory, this loading screen comes in handy.

6 Legends of Rayman

It seems more and more likely that the years will pass than 2013 Legends of Rayman might be the limbless hero’s last platforming adventure. It would be a shame, because Rayman Legends is one of the best side-scrolling platformers of all time.

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One of the game’s many standout features was its loading screen, which gave players the chance to win a heart. As the game begins to load, a heart in a bottle begins to fly, which players can obtain if they are quick enough to catch it.

5 Special operations: the line

Special operations: the line is a third-person shooter that stood out in 2012 for subverting expectations with its dark portrayal of war.

The game’s loading screens differ from other entries on this list because, instead of featuring mini-games or sparring arenas, it simply has a variety of text with accompanying disturbing or even haunting imagery – they also differentiate themselves by being utterly miserable, though that certainly suits the game. The text that accompanies the images isn’t much more cheerful and often seems to judge people for playing the game, with rhetorical statements and questions including:

  • Do you ever feel like a hero?

  • Can you even remember why you came here?

  • Killing for yourself is murder. Killing for your government is heroic. Killing for entertainment is harmless.

  • The US military does not condone the killing of unarmed combatants. But it’s not real, so why should you care?

  • If you were a better person, you wouldn’t be here.

4 ridge runner

ridge runner was first released in arcades in 1993 before being released for PlayStation 1 the following year. When the game was ported to Sony’s console, Namco was concerned that load times would be too long. So, to keep the players busy, racing runner let players play Namco’s retro arcade game Galaxian while they waited.

A Playable Fixed Shooter in a Racing Game Might Seem Weird, However Galaxian is such a simple yet addictive and enjoyable game that there have been very few complaints.

3 tekken

From one Namco game to another, Tekken, a little like ridge runner, was first released in the arcade before being released on PlayStation 1 the following year. Another similarity with ridge runner that’s how the game tackled load times, as Namco again delved into its catalog of retro arcade games to keep players busy.. tekkenThe opening loading screen allows players to play Galagaa fixed shooter from 1981.

2 Civilization 6

the Civilization The series has been a mainstay of the strategy genre for decades now. The grand strategy game offers players a wide array of historical figures to choose from, including Gandhi, Trajan, and Cleopatra, and tasks them with building a prosperous empire to achieve one of the game’s victory conditions. nearly as complex as it looks and can be overwhelming for new players.

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Fortunately, players are treated to a wonderfully insightful text screen with key details about their empire when they load up the game. Additionally, the loading screen will be updated to remind players of their progress so far. They recharge mid-game, which is great for getting players back in the game. To top it all off, English actor Sean Bean of the Lord of the Rings and The iron Throne fame is there to read the text.

1 FIFA 11

FIFA 11 was one of a handful of Fifa games that allow players to practice their finishing skills while waiting. As the game loads, FIFA 11 puts the camera behind an attacking player and lets them try to beat the keeper. The loading screen is a perfect time killer and is one of many examples on this list of a loading screen that many players won’t want to complete.

One cool feature of the loading screen was that before the game fully loaded and players could start jumping around, the arena would just be a generic field. Once the game loaded, however, players would be in the stadium they were about to play in.

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