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The Star Trek Expanded Universe will expand in the coming months, with new ties to upcoming video games announced. Star Trek: Resurgence gets a comic, and Star Trek: Prodigy – Supernova receives a novel.

Star Trek: Resurgence prequel comic

Today IDW Publishing announced Star Trek: Resurgence, a five-issue miniseries tied to the upcoming PC and console game of the same name. The series will tell the story of the catastrophic events that befall the crew of the USS Resolute before the events of the game. The miniseries will be written by Andrew Grant and Dan Martin with art by Josh Hood (Avatar: The Next Shadow) and will debut in November.

Here is the official synopsis:

On a windswept planet bordering the notoriously hostile Talarian Republic, a scientist on the verge of developing technology that will revolutionize the Warp goes missing. The crew of the USS Resolute is tasked with an urgent stealth mission to retrieve Dr. Leah Brahms and keep her research out of enemy hands!

Preview of cover A of issue 1

“I can’t wait for fans to have a truly immersive gaming experience on the deck of the USS Resolute and experience the formative events that indelibly shaped the ship and crew through the comics,” Grant says in a post. communicated. “I’m grateful to have worked on a franchise that is genuinely optimistic about the future, that considers the needs of as many people as possible, and sees diversity as a unique source of strength.”

“I really wanted to spend more time with the crew of the USS Resolute, so I’m excited to take fans on another adventure in this prequel comic,” Martin says in the statement. “There are some familiar faces along the ride and as a lifelong Star Trek fan, it’s sometimes hard to believe that I can actually bring to life characters I first met at the television decades ago.”

Preview of cover B of issue 1

Star Trek: Resurgence #1 will be available in November with three variations of covers, including cover A from illustrator Hood series, cover B from Dramatic Labs, and an incentive variation from Malachi Ward retailers.

RI cover preview for issue 1

Star Trek: Prodigy – Supernova novel

Another upcoming game version is Star Trek: Prodigy – Supernova. The game related to the anime series Star Trek: Prodigy will arrive in October and it gets its own tie-in novel from Simon & Schuster. The intermediate level adventure book also titled Star Trek: Prodigy – Supernova is written by Robb Pearlman and is slated for release in January. Here is the official synopsis:

When the Protostar crashes in a particular star system, the crew finds themselves separated and Dal and Gwyn must work together to find their missing teammates. But they don’t have much time: the neighboring star is destabilized and risks creating a supernova. Then, Dal and Gwyn discover evil droids patrolling the area, and they resemble the Watchers of Tars Lamora. How will Dal and Gwyn deal with this nightmare from their past… and prevent an explosion in the near future?

There is no official cover yet, but the book will be available on January 17, 2023, in hardcover, ebook and audiobook and all three can be pre-ordered now on Amazon. And the game itself is coming on October 14, can also be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova box art

And another Prodigy novel is coming in 2023

Also coming in January is another mid-level Prodigy related novel titled A dangerous business, written by Cassandra Rose Clark. Here is the official synopsis:

While traveling through the Delta Quadrant, the crew of the Protostar discovers a worn transporter coil on their ship. Despite Janeway’s apprehensions, the crew decides to trade a Starfleet-issued battery for new transport parts at a market on a distant planet. Little do they know that a group of rogue traders are planning to get their hands on something much bigger: the Protostar! Can the crew defend their ship and stay out of trouble? Star Trek fans will love this all-new original story featuring all the heart, humor and action of the Prodigy series.

A Dangerous Trade is also set to be released on January 17. in hardcover, ebook and audiobook and all three can be pre-ordered now on Amazon.

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