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Ryan Reynolds stars in his new movie Free Guy. Reynolds directed, cast, and played a major role in the film. In the film, a non-playable character (NPC) discovers that he is an artificial intelligence, or AI, inside the online multiplayer (MMO) game Free City. Reynold’s character develops his own thoughts and feelings, which leads him to discover that the world he has lived his entire life is purely a video game. Reynold’s character is called Guy. Guy works at the bank as a teller with his best friend Buddy, who is a security guard.
The story begins with Guy and Buddy on their way to work. Guy says he never had a woman in his life to love him. He then spots a woman who is a player of the game. NPCs know they are not supposed to interfere with those who wear sunglasses; they are known as “heroes” to the NPCs. They are not “heroes” but rather actors of the game. Guy falls in love with this player, making it his goal to get sunglasses the same day.
With Guy being a bank teller, there are always break-ins that happen at the bank. These heists are missions for players to gain experience. Guy decides to attack one of the players and steal his sunglasses. Once he has the sunglasses on, he immediately comes out and puts them on. This is where the revelation occurs. He realizes that he has seen his world completely differently from the way players see the world. Guy finds the player he is in love with and her name is Millie.
Moving on to the real world, Millie took legal action against the Soonami Games company, which copied her along with her friend’s code Walter to use for Free City. The character she uses in the game is only used to find proof that the code still exists. Walter works for Soonami Games, the company that allegedly stole the code. Millie’s goal is to find pictures that show that their original in-game map is on the same map as Free City.
Soonami Games employees notice a strange event on the server; what they think is either a bug or a hacker. Two coders aim to eliminate it but fail to do so and it gets away with ease. Guy later learns from Millie that he has to level up to access certain items and areas. He decides he wants to be the “good guy” in the game; he saves cats, stops thefts and helps other NPCs. Guy is getting noticed by many gamers, including popular YouTube streamers Jacksepticeye and Ninja. Once Guy has gained popularity, the owners decide to remove him would be a bad move for relationships. They keep Guy in the game to keep the audience happy. The world suddenly loves Guy.
Millie and Walter continued to search Free City for the necessary evidence to continue their legal action as the public was satisfied with Guy. They used this ad as a distraction. Soon they realized that the proof they needed was Guy himself. The code they created together was designed to start an AI with normal NPC actions and behaviors. This AI would soon learn and grow over time, becoming almost “human” to some extent. Since their exact AI code was still active, the only item to check would be to find their map outside of Free City.
In the real world, Free City fans around the world were so impressed with Guy that they began to advocate for the rights of NPCs; they should not be killed; they should be allowed to browse the map; etc. This uproar for the creation of rights for NPCs begins to give bad press to the company that owns Free City. Due to the bad press, they decide to remove Guy if this is the last change they will make. Free City was getting a sequel, Free City 2, which would destroy all evidence in the trial. Millie and Walter didn’t have much time to get the evidence.
Walter begins to edit the game code in secret, which makes it more difficult for Guy to be removed from the game. Free City has an invisible barrier protecting players from going into the sea. This barrier was actually used to protect the original map from the game. game they had created together. Soonami’s CEO didn’t want the couple to know their game had been stolen. He asks his coders to release the character he built to replace Guy in Free City 2; his name was Dude. Walter found a way around the barrier by taking one of the skyscrapers and coding it to fall into the ocean. Before Guy gets too far, a bigger, more toned version of Guy is added; the fight between Dude and Guy begins.
Dude was not a finished product or even close to being ready for launch. This caused his character to miss many aspects of an NPC, including fighting and phrases. Guy uses his sunglasses to generate weapons and items from the Marvel Universe in order to overpower Dude. (Apparently, Free Guy is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who knew?) Guy wins the fight and begins crossing the makeshift bridge to the original map. As it begins to run, the bridge begins to collapse as the building code is removed.
The CEO takes an ax off the Free City servers, destroying every server he passes. Once Guy reaches the original map, Millie meets the CEO in the server room. All the servers except one are destroyed: the server with its card, code and Guy on it. The CEO had no idea they had already found out their card was there. He drops the ax and begins to run.
Millie and Walter sue Soonami Games and regain the rights to their game. They keep Free City but change its name. Guy and all Free City NPCs are kept in the game.
This movie was very well written, especially for video game freaks like me. If you like video games, this movie is for you. The Free City game itself has vibes of Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and any of your typical online MMOs. The camera work was amazing and the directors left no details for this film. The movie is hilarious if you understand the typical gamer vernacular. Having the YouTubers and Twitch streamers in the movie added the aspect of the game’s popularity if it was a real game.
Check out this movie in theaters while it’s available. It is worth the time.



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