Free Guy Movie Review: Ryan Reynolds’ Movie Is Much More Than A Game Movie


Director of the film Free Guy: Shawn levy
Guy Free Movie Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, Taika Waititi, Utkarsh Ambudkar
Free Guy Movie Rating: 3.5 stars

It could have been just a movie about a video game in which people are being shot, blown up, crushed or beaten every second. Well, this is it. However, thanks to its star cast and Reynolds’ wonderful ease and ability to laugh or two at his expense, Free Guy is so much more as well.

Shawn Levy (Stranger Things) also keeps the film lucid and rolling, even for those who don’t itch their fingers on the keyboard. And that’s no small feat given how many people on the outside and their avatars in a video game intersect so closely, all the talk about writing code and “game building” and rights. stolen, and the battery of neon on-screen instructions to long lengths, not to mention the action happening all around them.

Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is a bank teller in a town called Free City, who is incredibly happy to do the same thing day in and day out – getting out of bed, saying hello to his goldfish, wearing his blue shirt and khakis. with the name tag, grab your cereal and coffee and land at work. At the same time, at least five times a day, robbers come to loot his bank. At the right time, Guy and his buddy called Buddy go downstairs and let the thieves do their thing.

While anything can be perfect with Guy’s world – except the odd way he describes tastes, like admiring his coffee like “losing my virginity but in my mouth”; or its ice cream like “my tongue had a baby with the sunrise” – one thing is missing. He longs for love, a girl of his dreams. When he spots her humming a song by Mariah Carey, he falls in love with her – and nothing is the same with Guy, the daughter of Millie and Free City. That’s when Guy realizes he’s nothing but an algorithm (or dispensable non-player character) inside a video game.

Can people just lead their lives in pre-established roles? Doesn’t everyone deserve the right to live as they see fit? What if all of us, plebeians so to speak, decided to go on a mass strike? Can the world go on? And even, should video games only be about one thing: shooting?

These are ideas that Free Guy spews out. If the movie isn’t really about changing anything, this is a unique way to talk about it. In addition, it does not allow the weight of these materials to drag it down, jumping them slightly.

Channing Tatum arrives for an absolutely hilarious cameo; Comer (Killing Eve) takes off both his avatar as hot Molotov Girl in leather pants and video game designer Millie in sweatpants, sharing beautiful romantic scenes with Reynolds; and Keery (Stranger Things) wins hearts as Millie’s calm but courageous former creative partner, Keys.
As funny as it is though he is the villain of the film (and that’s a good idea), Waititi (Jojo Rabbit) slows the pace in the second half. The film could have been done with a little editing to avoid a prolonged end-of-town destruction.

But if that ending is so painless that it only belongs to a fake world, the guy from Reynold makes you wish it wasn’t.

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