For mobile gamers, the Tronsmart Battle gaming headphones are the


These headphones take advantage of ultra-low latency, cool design, and excellent comfort to perform beyond what the retail price would suggest. I test a lot of headphones and a lot of them cost hundreds of dollars.

I tested the Tronsmart Battle gaming headphones and these budget gaming headphones exceeded my expectations.

However, not everyone needs the best sound quality or features like ANC.


While you can only buy the Battle earbuds in black, what makes them unique is the transparent charging case that sports a long RGB light strip. The latter lights up when you open the case by pulsing red, green then blue. It’s shaped like a small yoyo, and the top half swings into the bottom half as you open it to remove the buds. According to Transmart, the new way you rotate the lid to open the case can be used as a stress reliever.

The Battle earphones have a familiar open design with one size fits all. They feature a tactile pad on the outside of each bud with the Transmart logo printed on it. The stems are reasonably short and they look pretty good in the ear.

Fit and comfort

The headphones are incredibly comfortable in my ears and I had no problem wearing them for hours, whether listening to music or playing games. However, for me at least they are loose and I couldn’t use them for anything active without worrying about them falling out.

Summary of the news:

  • For mobile gamers, the Tronsmart Battle gaming headphones are the
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