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You don’t necessarily need to buy games for the family, as subscription models exist as well. What is there outside?

If you’re having a hard time finding something for the kids to do – maybe they’ve finished their homework or are having trouble figuring out what to do during lockdown and all – maybe it’s time to take a look. plug into the world of video games.

You can still be a parent and let them play for periods of time instead of their entire life, and they can have fun and let off steam. In fact, depending on the game, you might even let off steam with them.

The cost of games can be of concern, of course, as video game titles don’t always come cheap. Fortunately, there are gaming services that can help you out, and they not only offer more choice, but can also lower the cost of gaming to a monthly fee approach similar to what you already use to watch movies and games. TV shows.

What options are available if you want to get on-demand games the same way you currently log into music or movie services?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Available on: Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Windows PC

Price: $ 15.95 per month per user

Arguably the largest gaming subscription service in the world, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass may well offer the best assortment of games for gamers on a subscription service, offering new and old titles, both top of the line. range and independent.

There is a version for Xbox, a version for Windows and a version – the “ultimate” – for Xbox and Windows, and it is included for free in EA’s game service “EA Play”, so you don’t have to need to buy this separately. This gives you a bunch of titles that you can play for a monthly fee, making it an easy option to play on either platform, Xbox or PC.

Sony PlayStation Plus

PlayStation 5 controller

Available on: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Price: $ 11.95 per month per user

Sony’s take on Xbox Game Pass isn’t so much a buffet of shiny games, but rather a very progressive tasting, where you get a few free games each month to add to your account, along with downloadable content and discounts. on other titles.

They’ll stay yours to play while you’re a PlayStation Plus member, so it works pretty much the same as Xbox Game Pass – you can only use subscribed games when you pay – but they include games designed for PlayStation. 4 and PlayStation 5 that you would normally have had to pay for, plus discounts on others.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade

Available on: macOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV

Price: $ 7.99 per month shared between a family account of six users

Apple Arcade is next, and it’s aimed at owners of Apple products in general. With games designed exclusively for the Apple service and revamped classics, Apple Arcade offers over 100 games for a monthly subscription of $ 8 in Australia, after a month of trial.

The games are designed for just about any Apple device, running on laptops, desktops, iPad tablets, iPhone models, iPod Touch, and even Apple TV. In fact, if you’re planning on playing on an Apple TV, you’ll want to bring a controller, as some games require it to work.

While some of the games are really compelling, perhaps the best feature of Apple Arcade is the way it is shared among users: buy an account and it will be shared between a family account, giving you and five more. people access to the games made available on the service.

Google Play Pass

Available on: Android phone, Android tablet

Price: $ 7.99 per month shared between a family account of six users

Google’s approach to mobile gaming is aimed at Android users in the form of Google Play Pass, which offers hundreds of games as well as apps for one price, shared between a family account.

Just like Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass only works on the devices it is designed for, which in this case must be running Android and have access to the Google Play Store. That means you’ll need a recent Android phone or tablet, but maybe not a Huawei model, given that there’s no official access there anymore.

However, if your family is packing Android phones, this is an easy way to access apps and games in numbers without needing to purchase each one independently.

Antstream Arcade

Atari VCS

Available on: Windows PCs, macOS, Android phones and tablets, Amazon Fire TV, Atari VCS, Linux

Price: Free with ads, £ 9.99 per month ad-free

Something a little different and designed for older people, Antstream Arcade is an old-fashioned retro gaming service, supporting older games that can run on computers, Android devices, and even all gadgets. also retro like the Atari VCS.

Antstream Arcade features arcade games of yesteryear including Galaga, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Fatal Fury, Mortal Kombat, and even console titles like Earthworm Jim, delivering a dose of the old school on today’s devices.

A free ad-supported service, Antstream might just be the most budget-friendly service on this list provided you don’t mind the ad or both, but if you don’t mind paying a monthly fee, there’s has one to kill the ads entirely.

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