Final Fantasy 7 Remake gets character customization mod on PC


A new Final Fantasy 7 Remake mod allows players to adjust the hair, eye, and clothing colors of party members Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and more.


Final Fantasy 7 remake was a huge graphic overhaul of the original version of the PS1. While a large portion of the fanbase was happy to see their favorite characters in stunning current gen graphics, some would probably like to have additional options for modifying the appearance of their party members.

Thanks to a new mod, players can do just that. Those who wish to change the colors of Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Red XIII, Aerith or Yuffie’s hair, eyes or clothing can do so on the recent PC version of Final Fantasy 7 remake.


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The new mod is courtesy of users Narknon and YudoKubos on NexusMods. the Final Fantasy 7 remake The PC mod shares a variety of images showing what players can choose from for each of the characters. While not as complex as letting users choose from all of the colors in the rainbow, Cloud comes with red, gray, and black hair options, with a range of eye colors. vivid, like yellow, purple and red. The others aren’t left out either, as Tifa is pictured with blue hair, Aerith with creepy pale eyes, Yuffie with a purple top, and Barret with white hair and glittery eyes.


It should be noted that players will need to download additional software in the form of 3dmigoto basemod in order to use color swaps. However, swapping out color palettes is easy once both mods are in place, as users can cycle through the options with keyboard shortcuts.

Despite the fact that Final Fantasy 7 remake Originally launched on the PS4, it hasn’t stopped gamers from modifying the game from the start. Alternate costumes and looks are quite common in some JRPGs, but Final fantasy 7 has been relatively limited in this scope. However, by tampering with in-game save data, players were able to force Cloud to wear a robe throughout the game.

Fans were eagerly awaiting the Final Fantasy 7 remakethe output of on PC. Unfortunately, PC gamers quickly discovered that Final Fantasy 7 remakeThe PC version of ‘s had performance issues, as well as a lack of graphics tuning options. While some still struggle with these issues, especially those that lack modern graphics cards, modders have stepped in here as well, allowing users to make adjustments to reduce frame rate drops and improve the appearance of the device. Game.

Part 2 of the Final Fantasy 7 remake still doesn’t have an exit window, so it’s unclear when gamers will get their hands on it, PC or whatever. With so much time passing between entries, maybe Square Enix will consider adding some new cosmetic options on its own when the next game launches.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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Source: NexusMods, DSOGaming

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