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Player instruction is an underrated aspect of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and all players should heed it. So here are our top goalie, defender, midfielder, and attacker tips to use in Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

Despite the fact that Ultimate Team and Career Mode are played against humans and AI respectively, you can still use the same instructions for both in order to get the most out of your players.

Player instructions are crucial in building a team and are extremely beneficial to your gameplay and playstyle in the long run.

We’ve put together this helpful FIFA 22 Ultimate and Career Mode guide to help you get the most out of your players.


What are the instructions for players in FIFA 22?

When you access “modify game plans” you will have several options to consider, including instructions. These tell each of your players what their role is during a match: how aggressive they should be, what type of runs they should perform, what area of ​​the pitch to cover, etc.

If you forget them or choose not to change them in any way, all 11 players will stick to the default settings given to them by EA.

FIFA 22 Best Instructions for Ultimate Team & Career Mode

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Before we dive into a deep analysis of each position and their specific command, there are tons of builds in FIFA 22, so we’re not going to suggest instructions for everyone.

However, our chosen formation is the 4-1-2-1-2 (2), also known as the 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow. It gives you so many options going forward in the middle of the park, the partnership of two great forwards, and can be deadly if you set up your team correctly.

Best FIFA 22 Defender Instructions

Marquinhos attacks Haaland

This section will cover the instructions for our goalie and our back line made up of full backs and two center backs.

Here are the best instructions for your defensive players in FIFA 22.


  • Savings on crosses: Balance
  • Save the outer box: Balance

Goalkeepers are an odd breed in FIFA 22 because they’re as good as they’ve ever been, but are prone to outright howling. With this in mind, we have opted for our GK to be Balance generally.

The head is also a mixed bag, so we feel comfortable leaving the decisions to our goalie in terms of coming for crosses. For 1v1s, Guardians are incredibly tough and will save a ton of shots, so don’t give the opponent a chance to chip you because your Guardians are good, but Superman isn’t.

Full rears

  • Offensive races: Stay behind while attacking
  • Interceptions: Normal interceptions
  • Execution type: Overlap
  • Defensive post: Hold in position

You have to be careful with your full-backs as they will often be led by fast and delicate wingers. Even though pace is not as big a factor in FIFA 22 compared to previous years, a feint or a mistake and the other team is in it.

So no matter how fast your full-backs are, they should Stay back during the attack in Ultimate Team, while they can be a little more balanced in Career mode vs. AI

Normal interceptions is wise because being too aggressive will likely leave you exposed more often than not, but a sufficiently high interception stat can be effective if set to normal. We don’t want our FBs to race forward, but if you want a cheeky one-two, put them on Overlap, so they at least stay on the wing.

Finally, set each full rear to Hold on to their position because we don’t want them to stray away from one of the most critical areas of a football field.

Central defenders

  • Attack Support: Stay back during the attack
  • Interceptions: Normal interceptions
  • Defensive post: Hold in position

The CB station is one of the easiest to manage in the field. It’s actually a matter of physically controlling them where it becomes difficult!

In any case, set them to Stay behind while attacking for obvious reasons, have Normal interceptions to avoid erratic AI challenges and ensure that they Hold on to their position.

Best FIFA 22 Midfielder Instructions

Heung-min his celebrant in fifa 22

Let’s go through your CDM, both CMs and CAM to make sure you have a fully functioning midfield.

Central defensive midfielder

  • Defensive behavior: Cut the crossing lines
  • Attack Support: Stay behind while attacking
  • Interceptions: Normal interceptions
  • Defensive post: Coverage center
  • Freedom of positioning: Hold in position

First, Cut passing lanes is a great way to prevent forward through bullets, set them to Stay behind while attacking to maintain the gap between midfield and defense, and make them perform Normal interceptions.

This will apply to all of our midfielders, but make sure your CDM Coverage center, because the beauty of this formation is to lock the middle of the whole field. Finally, the CDM must remain in their zone as a strong blockade – so allow Hold in position.

Central midfielder

  • Attack Support: Balanced attack
  • Support on the crosses: Balanced crossings
  • Interceptions: Normal interceptions
  • Freedom of positioning: Hold in position
  • Defensive post: Coverage center

Your two CMs are huge in this lineup, so keeping them relatively neutral is imperative. So Balanced Attack ensures that they don’t stray too far to one side or the other, Balanced Crossing Runs is mostly the same principle, and Normal interceptions keep their emotions in check.

I repeat, we don’t want these midfielders to venture out and leave big holes, so Hold in position and Coverage center will pretty much guarantee that they will be present unless you drag them in manually.

Central attacking midfielder

  • Defensive behavior: Basic defensive support
  • Support on the crosses: Balanced crossings
  • Freedom of positioning: Hold in position
  • Interceptions: Aggressive interceptions

CAM must provide Basic defensive support and maintain Balanced crossings and not do much else.

They need Hold in position like we want them in the hole, ready to give that killer pass to one of your attackers, and since they’re so high, we can even let them loose a bit and try a few Aggressive interceptions.

Best FIFA 22 transfer instructions

Kylian Mbappe in FIFA 22

At the top, we like having two attackers because there is so much flexibility with how you can attack. For our personalized instructions, we’ll assume that we have two players with a good pace and that we can complete a chance.


  • Support races: Stay in the center
  • Offensive races: Get behind
  • Interceptions: Aggressive interceptions
  • Defensive support: Stay ahead

With these instructions, you can make your attackers a real grip, and we want them to apply to both. For pure domination, make sure they stay central. We want all of our biggest chances to go to forwards in the right position.

Get behind opposing defenders will be going back and forth to try and keep you from crashing to death on goal, or running sneakily to the side, which can lead to speculative fire or easy reduction.

Keep them spirited with Aggressive interceptions and have it so that they Stay ahead. Maintain strong defense and you always have a ball out to launch a quick attack and get out.

Remember, if your training is not the same as ours, you should be able to follow our instructions and adapt them depending on the system you are using.

In addition to the instructions, use our FIFA 22 Custom Tactics Guide to match the correct team form to your new instructions.

Also, don’t forget to check out our other FIFA 22 guides on the best goalkeepers, full-backs, defenders, midfielders, wingers and forwards.

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