FIFA 22 review: 22 thoughts on gameplay, FUT mode and more


FIFA’s video game franchise has never been about football fans. The game, which is released annually, is known as a fun video game for fans outside of sports. You will see it appear in college dormitories or in local community meetings. Abroad, the game is very successful because of the importance of football, of course. In the United States, however, play has been a teaching method for football, where players will once again get used to the sport and learn to enjoy it.

If the goal of the FIFA game is to inspire new fans, FIFA 22 easily hits the mark.

FIFA 22 builds on what has made the FIFA franchise successful over the years. To be fair, anyone who hasn’t liked FIFA since FIFA 17 – highly regarded as one of the best FIFA games to date – might not enjoy the game. But the game is as realistic as a soccer simulation game. , and there is plenty of fun.

That said, like many other sports video games, FIFA seems to focus more on rewards and competitions than gaming for general enjoyment.

As I did with NBA 2K22, I presented 22 thoughts on the new FIFA video game, which should give you an idea of ​​what to expect from the new game.

1 – The soundtrack absolutely bangs.

The soundtrack is the hallmark of any FIFA game. FIFA video games have plenty of great tracks from all over the world. FIFA 22 does not stop the trend. The soundtrack is first class with instant hits that could turn into all-time FIFA soundtrack songs.

2 – The game interface is so fluid.

I love the way FIFA uses different color schemes with their games. This year, gray / black mixed with lime green seems to be the favorite colors for fashion. The game interface is smooth and smooth as you move through the menus.

3 – The gameplay is realistic.

This year’s game looks more realistic than previous years. The simple moves you could do before don’t work in FIFA 22. If your defender gets beaten on the wing, good luck trying to catch him.

4 – It’s more than just the pleasure of crushing buttons.

In previous years, FIFA could boil down to pure mash of buttons. Press this button for a pass, press this button to fly and bang, you can win. But in this year’s game, you have to use real strategy to figure out where your players are and what they’re doing.

5 – New animations make the game exceptional.

FIFA added a new HyperMotion system to their game this year, which includes 4,000 new player animations to make the gameplay realistic. It also makes gamers feel like their real-life counterparts.

6 – FIFA Ultimate Team adds more rewards, objectives.

FIFA Ultimate Team – a fantastic mode where players can buy, trade and use football player ‘cards’ – is back with more rewards and objectives. You can earn new players and packs filled with these cards quite easily in FIFA 22.

7 – FIFA Ultimate Team adds a fun “preview” mode for packs.

This year’s FIFA Ultimate Team has added a new “preview mode” to packs, allowing players to see inside the pack before using their coins or real money and FIFA Points to purchase it. While some critics say this could be a way to encourage people to buy more packs, preview mode offers the frugal player – who doesn’t want to use up their points or coins – to avoid taking the packs.

8 – The competition in FUT is super fierce.

Good luck trying to win in FUT, or FIFA Ultimate Team, if you are a new player. I have tried a few games in this mode and get blown up every time. You have to really compete over and over again to acquire new players and skills to be successful in competitive modes.

9 – Creating your own team is a highly anticipated feature.

FIFA has added a new Create Your Own Squad feature to their Career Mode, a long overdue feature. Before, you had to choose a club in the world. Now, building your own squad is a fun feature that gives football fans the chance to really personalize the experience.

10 – Volta is a nice upgrade.

Volta – a street soccer game mode – has a few new improvements that focus on skill moves and creativity, which is street soccer fun anyway. It’s a cool fashion for those looking for something more casual.

11 – Perfect for football fans, non football fans.

FIFA 22 doesn’t necessarily look like a soccer fan game. It feels like a sports fan game with a little extra football. I’m a huge football fan and I don’t necessarily feel like the game is for me. We have the impression that it is made for everyone.

12 – Slow load times on current generation consoles.

The game takes a while to change menus and move around the interface. Even though the color scheme is great, it takes a long time to navigate through the menus.

13. Bad goalies can ruin you on the pitch.

The goalkeepers play a big role in this game. If your goalie doesn’t have good stats, good luck surviving on the pitch.

14 – Formations count in this game.

You really have to plan your trainings. I started with a 4-3-2-1 formation to start, but my midfield continues to fragment. But going to a 4-4-2 allowed for a bit more protection which really helped in the game.

15 – There is no such thing as the “computer always wins” mentality.

One thing I loved about FIFA 22 is that it doesn’t feel like the computer is going to win. Every move you make counts. Some sports games make it look like the computer will beat you no matter what. This does not appear to be the case with FIFA 22.

16 – FIFA 22 has so much to do.

There are so many modes and options in FIFA 22. Between volta, career mode, manager mode, regular play now and FUT, there are so many options for how you spend your time playing.

17 – The jumping movements are mastered.

One of the best moves you can perform on the pitch are strides (when your player steps over the ball). Once you do this, you can quickly burst into an open area. It’s one of the best moves in the game right now.

18 – The jerseys look very bright this year.

A strange experience in FIFA 22 surrounds the jerseys. The home and away kits look brighter than in previous years and appear to shine brighter on screen.

19 – Crowds sound great in FIFA 22

I played FIFA 22 after watching UEFA Champions League games, and the crowd was still the same. More than last year, FIFA 22 crowds sound like real crowds you’d hear on TV. It creates a great experience for the player.

20 – New teams added to FIFA

A number of clubs have been added to FIFA 22 including Go Ahead Eagles, Apoel FC, GD Estoril Praia, Altay SK, Adana Demirspor, FC U Craiova 1948, FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin and Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio. All of these clubs are back in FIFA, providing fans around the world with new clubs to play with.

21 – Worth the upgrade from FIFA 21.

Yes, FIFA 22 is definitely worth upgrading from FIFA 21. In many ways, FIFA 21 felt like an easy game to win with a few quick button movements. But in FIFA 22, you have to use strategy and foresight to win, and that in itself is worth the upgrade.

22 – FIFA may have reached its peak.

It’s strange to say, but I don’t know where FIFA will go from here. The game is as developed as it could be with a great soundtrack, great interface, and solid gameplay. It’s unclear where the game will go from here other than adding new modes. But FIFA 22 is a sign that FIFA may have reached its peak.

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