February’s ‘Penta Amateur League’ will feature multiple esports titles on PC, mobile and Switch – European Gaming Industry News

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Gaming and esports company, Penta Esports, has announced that the February 2022 edition of “Penta Amateur League” will feature three esports titles, Pokemon Unite on mobile and Switch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch and Tekken 7 on PC. The tournament will feature a total prize pool of ₹5,00,000. Registration has started and teams and players can participate in the tournament on the pentaesports platform of Penta Esports. com.

The tournament qualifiers will take place from February 14-20. The finals will be streamed live on Penta’s Facebook page and YouTube channel from February 25-27. The show will be preceded by the ‘Penta Talk Show’ on February 24.

The ‘Penta Amateur League’ is exclusively for amateur and semi-professional esports athletes and teams. The games chosen for the tournament throughout the league will be platform independent and will include PC, console and mobile titles. The league Season 1 will run for six months, from October 2021 to March 2022, with a monthly prize pool of ₹5,000,000 making a total prize pool of ₹30,000,000.

The January 2022 edition of the league featured Free Fire. The qualifiers took place from January 27-29, and the Aura Gaming Esports team won the tournament. The final day of the playoffs also saw a musical performance by artist Saahil Bhargava. Besides the Penta Esports Facebook page and YouTube channel, matches were also streamed on the Booyah! Indian channel on Booyah! app. The Finals broadcast will be preceded by the Penta Talk Show, where the pitcher and host will discuss qualifying, team and player journeys, and possibilities for the Finals. The goal is to provide opportunities for aspiring esports athletes, regardless of their titles or platforms. The inclusion of multiple esports titles across all platforms will add a new dimension to the league and provide additional value to athletes as well as our partners.

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