Fable 4 has been in development for at least four years



Not much has been heard of Fable 4 since the official June 2020 trailer, but a recent tweet gives some insight into the development.


We haven’t heard much about Fable 4 since the official trailer was released in June 2020. However, a recent tweet gave a glimpse that Fable 4 has been in development for at least four years.

The news comes from Tom Gaulton, chief engineer at Playground Games. Gaulton revealed via an Employee Appreciation Award that he and the team at Playground Games were working on Fable 4 For four years.

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Fable 4 was eagerly awaited since the cancellation of Legends of fables in March 2016 and the subsequent closure of Lionhead Studios. In 2018, rumors began to surface that Playground Games was developing the next entry in the series. A large number of job postings for an “open-world role-playing game” have given credence to the rumors.


Since the official trailer, it’s no secret that Playground Games is working on Fable 4. However, nothing else has been done since. With Fable 4 Being in development for so long, many believe that another game announcement or reveal will be released at an upcoming conference. Besides its recent development of Fable 4, Playground Games is best known for its work on the Forza Horizon franchise. The studio was founded in 2010 in Leamington Spa, England. His most recent title, Forza Horizon 5, is slated for a full release on November 9, after making it available through Early Access on November 5. With this release shortly, it can be assumed that resources will be released for further development of Fable 4.

The Fable the franchise has been in a bit of a quagmire since Fable 3 was released in 2010. Other than a few spinoff titles, there hasn’t been an entry into the main series in over a decade. The problems started with the release of Lionhead Studios Fable: The Journey for Xbox 360 in 2012. The game, like many other Microsoft partner titles released at the time, required the use of a Kinect to play. It sparked a lot of anger from critics and fans alike. It was the same year that lead designer Peter Molyneux left Lionhead Studios, which many considered a clear indicator the franchise was in trouble. The last Fable the entrance to the studio has been announced Legends of fables, which was canceled by Microsoft in 2016 before shutting down Lionhead Studios entirely.

Fable was an immensely popular franchise during the era of Xbox 360 games and helped usher in “player’s choice” in gaming. While many boastful claims were made during presentations about the impact of this choice in games, it could never be said how popular and enjoyable games were. Many were saddened to see the franchise come to an end and the development studio behind it shut down as well. But Playground Games has done a phenomenal job with the Forza franchise and while Fable is not a racing title, they have earned the trust of the community.

Fable is in development for PC and Xbox Series X / S.

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