Ethereum creator got into crypto because Blizzard nerfed his character


Ethereum is the blockchain behind Ether cryptocurrency and also NFTs. It was created by a programmer named Vitalik Buterin who was inspired by realizing “what horrors centralized services can bring”. And what sparked this damascene moment of insight? It was the wizarding nerve of World of Warcraft in 2010.

“I happily played World of Warcraft from 2007 to 2010,” Buterin wrote in his bio, “but one day Blizzard removed the damage component of my beloved wizard’s Siphon Life spell. I fell asleep. crying and that day I realized what horrors centralized services can bring and I quickly decided to quit.

From there, Buterin got into Bitcoin, “started writing for a blog called Bitcoin Weekly initially at a low salary of $ 1.5 an hour, and soon with Mihai Alisie co-founded Bitcoin Magazine.” He dropped out of college to focus on cryptography, came up with the idea for Ethereum in 2013 and is therefore responsible for NFTs, digital certificates of authenticity which like anything powered by the security systems of proof of work of crypto, are extremely energetic. ineffective.

Many of us have been affected by a strategy that we expect to be seen as OP and hit with a nerve. Very few of us afterward fall asleep, quit the game, and then devote the rest of our lives to a pyramid scheme for morons that contributes to an environmental crisis, graphics card shortages, and theft. works of art and ended up being banned in China.

This story was recently highlighted by Twitter @zemnez and @simply, who wrote, “I PLAYED WARLOCK LIKE MY PRINCIPAL FOR 17 YEARS AND IT DIDN’T MAKE ME WANT TO REMOVE THE TROPICAL FORESTS”.

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