Epos H6PRO gaming headset review


Epos has a new gaming flagship in the H6PRO, and it takes the basic concept introduced with the Epos H3 headset but improves it a bit. This means that the headset looks awfully familiar to other headsets in the Epos line, but comes with some new features that are worth considering if you’re in the market for a new gaming headset.

The H6PRO is available in an open or closed back version. The difference will impact sound insulation, audio response, and the feel of the headphones on your head. So you could say that this is a pretty big decision, when it comes to the functionality of the gaming headset.

I have had experience with both open and closed back designs so I will do my best to guide you to the best unit for your skull. Essentially, however, if you want noise isolation (to keep outside noise from reaching your ears), you’ll need the H6PRO closed-back headphones. If this is not important, the H6PRO open face helmet will be the best choice.

Both versions of the H6PRO share the same basic design and functionality, meaning both are wired headsets. If you’re looking for a wireless set, you can check out Epos’s H3 Hybrid or maybe look further for the best wireless headphones we recommend.

H6PRO specifications

Type: Open and closed back, wired
Response frequency: 20 to 20,000 Hz
Conductors: 42 mm
Connector: 3.5mm
Microphone: Bidirectional
Weight: 322 grams
Guarantee: 2 years
Price: $ 179 / £ 149 / € 179

The H6PRO is pretty standard when it comes to wired connectivity. A single 3.5mm braided 2.5m analog cable connects the headset to your PC, console or other devices. The included cable is strong, durable, and not too loud, but it’s a bit stiff. This means that I often slide it under my keyboard to keep it out of the way. Ideally the cable will loosen up a bit after further use, but I can’t help but think the braided cable is best left to other PC peripherals, not my fancy gaming headset.

Also for this small inconvenience, there is the new very useful removable microphone. The mic itself is high quality, sounds great, and best of all is not only flip-to-mute, but fully removable thanks to its magnetic construction. In theory, that turns this gaming headset into a headset you can take without feeling a little dumb. There’s even a magnetic cover in the box that fits over the side of the headset to make it look clean and tidy without the mic.

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EPOS H6PRO headphones on a white table

The open-back version. (Image credit: Avenir)
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EPOS H6PRO headphones on a white table

The closed version. (Image credit: Avenir)

The whole H6PRO is very clean and tidy, in fact. It feels extremely well made in the hand, and although it is mostly plastic, there is a metal headband that runs through the top of the faux leather covered band that offers a lot of flexibility if you’re a bit rough with it.

So let’s move on to the very important audio factor, and both models of the H6PRO come with brand new 42mm drivers.

The open-back design offers a light and airy soundscape, which is facilitated by the use of breathable mesh ear pads. This model is softer, more expansive and quite easy going.

The closed version with faux leather ear pads is a bit harder, but in turn you feel more of the low end with this pair. So if you want a little more bass, volume, and resonance, the closed back is the way to go.

However, neither headset is particularly overwhelming, and the tuning of these drivers in particular, on either set, is more balanced than some gaming headsets I’ve tested. For this reason, if you want the bass to rock your eardrums, you better look elsewhere.

Personally, however, as a fan of the Sennheiser HD 650, I’m not too concerned with pumping more bass into my ears. I would prefer to have a more balanced response, and both H6PRO models offer it. The back opened just a little more.

That said, the open backs are really auditory transparent. This means that you will hear just about everything around you as if you are not wearing headphones, and to a lesser extent, those around you can listen to your choice of melody. While closed cups block out much of the background noise.

The difference in sound insulation is so pronounced that since I handed my next office mate, hardware asshole Alan Dexter, the H6PROs off for a whirlwind, it’s much harder to get his attention. . Either that or he chooses to ignore me.

EPOS H6PRO open back on blue background

(Image credit: Avenir)

Myself, on the other hand, with my favorite open-back pair, find that I can pretty much anything that happens in the office around me, through the mesh on the back of the ear cups.

So your choice should really depend on your environment. If you are in a quieter location, say your own bedroom, the open back will be the best. If you take out your headphones or share a space with another person, the closed pair works wonders in blocking out the hustle and bustle of the whole world.

The two pairs share many desirable qualities, and I don’t think you would go wrong either way. In terms of a new flagship, Epos has cooked something really competitive and impressive in the H6PRO. The downside is that these also have a flagship price of $ 179 (£ 149, € 179) and you really have to wonder if you’re happy with a wire or considering going wireless instead – s There’s one device worth cutting the cord with, it’s your headphones.

That said, if you’re happy to spend that amount of money, you can be sure that the Epos H6PRO is built to a standard worthy of the price. Not only that, they sound great, come with a great microphone and they are comfortable on the head. Definitely worth considering, even in the crowded helmet market.

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