Elden Ring’s graphics settings on consoles are leaking


From Software will be implementing two types of graphics settings for Elden Ring on current generation consoles, making it a first for any of their games.

The recently released Elden Ring gameplay preview presented a world in a sad state but beautiful in its own way. Some of the graphics combined with the render distance seemed like quite a feat for the hardware to handle, prompting fans to ask about potential settings they might be able to choose on their consoles.

Since this is a From Software game, some were skeptical as the company had never had these settings for consoles before, but it looks like Elden Ring will break new ground in this area. According to information disclosed by Game Stop, which was deleted in the meantime
, Elden Ring will have a graphics mode and a performance mode.

The graphics mode is Up to Type of 4K agreement for the eyes, which gamers will choose if they don’t mind the sluggish performance. Unfortunately, the wording didn’t specify the exact frame rate at which console gamers will be able to run the game in 4K, but it is assumed to be up to 30 FPS.

The reason for this assumption is Performance mode, which has been described as having a higher frame rate of “Up to 60FPS. ”There’s no mention of the exact resolution Performance mode is designed for, but it’s probably 1080p.

Also, the wording was exactly the same on the dedicated Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 pages, but it’s safe to expect that the Xbox version S might not meet other people’s standards. consoles.

Keep in mind that in either case there are those two magic words, “up to”, which basically mean that you will see drops during gameplay, either in resolution or performance.

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