Dying Light 2 Halloween Event Has You Chasing “Pumpkintiles”

As if Villedor wasn’t haunted enough! The first Dying Light 2 Halloween event is now live, and the zombie game’s post-apocalyptic old town is now crawling with pumpkins – it’s obviously volatiles with pumpkins on their heads. By hunting Pumpkins and Infected, you can earn Spirit Halloween-style costumes and gear.

Throughout the Halloween event, which runs from October 25 to November 4, pumpkins and other enemies will drop a new currency called treats. You can take them to a new NPC vendor named Baka the Unlucky to exchange them for bizarre potions that have effects like turning your vision black and white or letting you jump absurdly high.

The event also features new daily and weekly bounties, which you can complete to increase your rank. As your rank increases, you’ll be able to buy rubbery Halloween masks, presumably to help you adapt to all the infected townspeople.

When Dying Light 2’s Halloween event ends, players will all be able to pick up a free set of cosmetics called Dying Laugh. This is a scary clown costume, paraglider and weapon that will be available on Steam, Microsoft Store and Epic Games Store for PC players. This pack will be available for free from November 3-10.

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