Dune Spice Wars update revealed at PC Gaming Show

During the PC Gaming Show, gamers received a quick update regarding the release of Dune: Spice wars from Shiro Games. The new title, which is currently part of the Steam Early Access program, is a sci-fi RTS game that places players in the world of Dune. We recently reviewed Dune: Spice Wars, and with the new announcement, we’re happy to see some new content coming to the RTS title.

Players were able to dive into the world of Arrakis with Dune: Spice Wars not too long ago, but there was something missing from the game. The Shiro Games title is in early access, so there were some expected additions. But today we received a surprise.

Less than two months after it hit the Steam Early Access program, we received our first update during the PC Gaming Show. We reviewed Dune: Spice Wars back in April, and one of our biggest issues was the lack of multiplayer. With this announcement from Shiro Games, that concern has been officially resolved.

Return to Arrakis and battle your friends in this sci-fi RTS

The multiplayer mode that supports up to four players will currently feature two match types with a free-for-all mode and a 2v2 team mode. Additionally, the developers at Shiro Games have also added co-op against AI opponents, which we’ll definitely prefer. Finally, this new update will also add a new synergy system that opens up brand new strategies that will help you crush your opponents. Expect this update to release in June.

With rapid updates adding the game modes we’ve been looking for, there seems to be a lot more Shiro Games and their RTS version of Dune: Spice Wars. You can read our Dune: Spice Wars review to learn more about the Shiro Game title. Then you can head over to Steam and grab it from their early access program for $29.99. Finally, you can also find out more about the developers and other ongoing projects at Shiro Games by visiting their development page.

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