Dragon Ball’s multiverse is wilder than Marvel’s MCU

The MCU has powerful characters in its multiverse. However, Dragon Ball also has an impressive multiverse of fighters under its belt.

the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced powerful characters to moviegoers. This list will only grow longer and include stronger characters as you explore by marvel cosmic side and its multiverse. That being said, Dragon ball has one of the most powerful character sets in all of fiction. Since the end of the Saiyan Saga, characters strong enough to destroy planets have become the norm. Since then, they have only grown exponentially. Despite this, some characters never show what they can really do in the main line. Dragon ball continuity. Exploring this untapped potential will require a closer look their multiverse.

It’s here that Super Dragon Ball Heroes comes into play. With this addition to Dragon ball, many characters across the franchise have been given a presence that is unlike anything else. Not even the Xenoverse games or Budokai Tenkaichi 3 can track all different types of characters SDBH offers. Here’s a general idea of ​​everything this arcade-turned-anime card game has to offer. Dragon ball fans in terms of new characters, bonuses and new forms.

Before reviewing the characters, it’s important to understand how this multiversal phenomenon is possible. At first there is no concrete story available for Dragon Ball Heroes. Before SDBH, several characters oppose each other without too many reasons as to how they got there.

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the Super Dragon Ball Heroes the anime creates consistency for the Dragon ball characters from the multiverse meet in the form of time travel. This plot point is mainly derived from games like Dragon ball xenoverse and Dragon ball online. In these games, players join the Time Patrol to prevent the Time Breakers from altering the continuity of the mainline. Regarding the parallels with the MCU come on, the Time Patrol would be like the TVA trying to stop the variations in the Sacred Timeline. Regardless of their success, however, this time travel premise offers the perfect setup for all kinds of Dragon ball characters, old and new, to blend together and find new ways to become stronger.

Naturally, the variations in the timeline mean that the characters are getting shape changes and upgrades that they couldn’t achieve in the anime. The classic heroes of Dragon ball Get new Super Saiyan transformations, new fusions, new gear, and new ways to level up. Xeno Trunks, for example, gets a Super Saiyan God form and a cool new sword, as well as new fusion forms with characters like Gohan and Vegeta. All of these bonuses make these characters great on any timeline.

Villains also get all kinds of new ways to power themselves up; demons like Dabura and Towa and many others become dark demon gods. Several villains across time and space receive bonuses after integrating a Dark Dragon Ball and Cooler discovers his own golden form to rival that of Frieza. Fu, a main antagonist of the Time Patrol, gets all kinds of bonuses for facing them; Evil Saiyans are also getting new transformations including Raditz, Nappa and DBZ Movie 8 Broly. All of these energized villains turn out to be more than an equal match for the Time Patrol.

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Dragon Ball characters in business suits

If one were to look beyond the SDBH anime, the arcade trading card game features an even wider assortment of characters. The game not only features original characters like player avatars and Hearts, but also fighters from all the different video games and spinoff content that has been released in Dragon ball term of several decades. There is the first Time Patroller Sealas of the SDBH: Global Mission Switch / PC game. He is accompanied by Neko Majin from one-shot manga series of the same name.

SDBH Also includes Majin Ozotto from the long forgotten character DBZ: VRVS arcade game. There are even versions of Team Universe 7 fighters wearing business suits; they are apparently from the social survival saga. Having all of these characters available in one place is a reminder of the reach Dragon ball really is as a multiverse and as a franchise.

As it stands, the Dragon Ball multiverse is much bigger and stronger than that of the MCU. Of course, the MCU the multiverse and the cosmos are just starting to open up. Things could change, but for now Dragon ball wins by a mile.

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