Donkey Kong Theme Park Extension Coming to Universal Studios Japan in 2024


Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan should have a Donkey kong– thematic space which will open in 2024. In a press release published by Nintendo, the new area will feature roller coasters, interactive experiences, as well as themed products and food. Guests will also be able to stroll through the lush jungles where Donkey Kong and his friends live. Shigeru miyamoto, Super Mario creator, will participate in the realization of the project. This new addition is expected to increase the size of Universal Studios Japan by 70% – woah.

The Donkey kong The franchise began in 1981 as an arcade game, in which DK was the antagonist of Super Mario instead of Bowser. Since then, the series has grown in popularity and received more entries with each Nintendo console release.

Some notable titles include games like Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Each game features exciting platformer adventures starring Donkey Kong, and usually his best friend Diddy Kong, among others, as they navigate dangerous environments and face a variety of enemies who threaten to steal their banana treasure. By March 2021, the DK Series had sold over 65 million units.


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JL Bonnier, President and CEO of Universal Studios Japan released a statement regarding the new addition of Donkey Kong to Super Nintendo World:

Super Nintendo World is creating a whole new level of theme park entertainment and has quickly become an exciting and must-see experience for our guests. We’re excited to continue working with Nintendo as we realize our vision of bringing their characters and stories to life. Our new Donkey Kong themed area will bring even more excitement and fun to the Super Nintendo World experience.

Miyamoto also released a statement, discussing the creativity he plans to invest in the project:

I’m very happy to be able to make the world of Donkey Kong a reality by following the world of Mario. I can’t wait to create an exciting Donkey Kong experience with the amazing team at Universal. It will take some time until it is finished, but it will be a unique space not only for those familiar with the Donkey Kong games, but for all the guests.

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