Dinosaur Arcade Codes – Free DNA to Unlock New Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Arcade is currently in beta and just released. We keep track of this pleasure Roblox dinosaur game, and we’ll have the latest codes available when they appear after updates and like milestones! In this game, you are the dinosaur! You can start out as a number of beautiful prehistoric creatures and then roam the world in search of tasty treats and other dinosaurs to attack. Do you like Roblox simulation games? You should check out Mecha Simulator or Mining Simulator 2.

We have added a new code on August 8 and updated game information!

All dinosaur arcade codes

  • 30KDALIKES – 10k Free DNA (NEW CODE)
  • 30kBAND MEMBER – 10k DNA free
  • 25KDALIKES – 10k DNA free
  • 2MILLIONVISITS – 10k DNA free
  • 20kDALIKES – 10k DNA free
  • 15kDALIKES – 10k DNA free
  • ITSOUT – 10,000 free DNA to get you started!


All Roblox codes are case sensitive, which means you must add them as you see them above, with all uppercase letters and numbers included. Simply copy and paste the code directly into the redemption box to make it easier. And, remember, Roblox Codes can only be used once, so be sure to check back for more when they’re added!

Expired Codes

There are no expired codes for Dinosaur Arcade.

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How to redeem codes in Dinosaur Arcade

Here’s how to redeem codes in Dinosaur Arcade.

  • Go to the main menu.
  • Click Store.
  • Enter the code in the top box.
  • Press Enter.
  • Enjoy the code!

If the code doesn’t work, you should make sure that you copy and paste it directly from our list. If it still doesn’t work, it probably means it’s expired and you’ll need to check for new codes when they’re added.

What is Dinosaur Arcade?

You could call Dinosaur Arcade a type of dinosaur simulator. There are three dinosaurs to choose from at the start of the game, then you’re thrown into the wild world and told to start eating to level up. There are loads of different dinosaurs to choose from, and the game is currently still in beta. New updates will add more dinosaurs, more unlocks, and new places to explore. As you play, you’ll meet other dinosaurs, complete challenges, and earn DNA by eating fruits and other missions! This DNA is then used to purchase new dinosaurs.

Or, you can check here on TheGamer for all the latest codes. We keep an eye on the game and its updates, so you don’t have to. However, the game is still in beta, which means progress can still be/completed interrupted. We’ll let you know!

  • How to get new dinosaurs in Dinosaur Arcade? You either have to buy them with DNA (the T-Rex, for example, is 5040 DNA) or use crates to spin them.
  • What is a Battle Stone in Dinsosaur Arcade? This is a unique item that’s great for PvP – if you kill another player who also has a Battle Stone, you get a lot of extra DNA.
  • How do you swim in Dinosaur Arcade? Jump into the water and hold Q to swim and E to descend.

Latest Dinosaur Arcade Update

The latest DA update adds the huge new Therizonasaurus and a bunch of new skins too! Here’s a look at the official notes from the game’s Discord channel.

  • Roaring now shakes your screen, but you need a head size of four or more or it won’t work
  • New skins include Night Watcher Gigantoraptor, Bovine Carnotaurus and Matador Pattern, and more
  • Various other tweaks, changes, bugfixes and templates

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