Digital Will Announces Lineup for Tokyo Game Show 2022

Hit Infinity Pinball Arcade Game Coming to Switch; The company introduces new games: robot battle arena game, Robot Rejects and cyber-themed FPS, System Restore

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September 15, 2022 10:00 a.m. EDT

TOKYO, September 15, 2022 ( –
Today, Digital Will unveiled its lineup of previews and announcements for Tokyo Game Show 2022, including demos of two titles in the works: Robot releasesa multiplayer robot battle arena game, and System Restaurationan FPS installed in an infected computer system and the announcement of a Switch version of the retro hit Pinball to infinity. The games are sure to strike a chord with fans at the event with satisfying gameplay and a distinct visual style.

Bot Rejects – PC, Nintendo Switch

Robot combat sports fans will grill their circuits Robot releases, an arena brawler robot slated for release on PC and Switch. Players create and customize their own battle robot, then pit it against rival robots in an online multiplayer battle arena. The game is packed with steel-on-steel robot destruction, but beneath the saw-slicing, metal-melting action lies an advanced build and customization system that will bring out the engineer in everyone.


  • 1v1 online and team multiplayer
  • More than 50 different types of weapons
  • Hundreds of robot customization options
  • More action-packed game modes will be announced

System Restore – PC

This rogue-like first-person shooter transports players into the world of a computer network that has been taken over by a vicious virus that is wreaking havoc throughout the system. Players control an elite agent of “SRF”, the System Restoration Force, with the sole purpose of purging the virus and its corruption. System Restauration features fast-paced combat dressed in a vibrant cyber aesthetic of vibrant neon colors.


  • Life-size campaign with rogue-like progression
  • Improv combat – different weapons, enemy types and environments
  • Fast wave fight
  • Extreme mobility with a dashboard and a jetpack

Infinity Pinball – Nintendo Switch

Releasing on mobile in early 2021 and coming to PC and Mac this fall, Digital Will and Dadako have announced that their hit arcade game will also be coming to Switch. With a retro 80s style and classic gameplay, the game has struck a nostalgic chord with gamers and has been featured on Apple Arcade’s homepage many times. With procedurally generated tables, Infinity Pinball offers a revolutionary twist on the genre – a pinball table that never ends!


  • 5 procedurally generated pinball tables with unique soundtracks, designs and bash toys
  • 9 unique balls to collect
  • 11 pocket game skins
  • Nice synthwave soundtrack

To try out the games, stop by Digital Will’s booth at Tokyo Game Show: Indie Game Area, Booth 1-S16, and check out the links below for more information.

• Infinity Pinball on Steam:

• Bot rejections on Steam:

• System Restore on Steam:

• Digital Will Inc. homepage:

• Dadako Ltd home page:

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