Detroit Cookie Co. will give away Stafford’s favorite cookie if the Rams win

It’s pretty safe to say that the majority of Michigan football fans will be cheering on Matthew Stafford and the LA Rams to win Super Bowl LVI. After all, we all agree, the guy really deserves a big win, and he will always be “ours”.

As we head into game time, a Detroit bakery is throwing up a great deal if, in fact, the Rams win the big game. the Detroit Cookie Companyannounced on Facebook a small advantage if Stafford is the one who lifts the Lombardi trophy.

“OK guys you all know the power of the positive 💭 thinking. Sending all the vibes to Matthew Stafford and @ramsfootball for the next Super Bowl win! WHEN they win the Super Bowl on 2/13/21, we’re giving away 900 PB Volcanoes (Matthew’s favorite) to the first cookie customers in every location on 2/21/22 (Monday) with the purchase of any 900 cookie(s) in total!”

Detroit Cookie Company owner Lauren Roumayah said the Staffords were frequent customers of her stores when they lived in the area.

“A while ago Matthew emailed us because he wanted to surprise his wife, Kelly, for her birthday with a cookie cake and a few other things,” Roumayah told MLive. “Kelly then started ordering stuff from us for Matthew and the Lions and mentioned that PB Volcanoes were Matthew’s favorite. She also gave us a shout out on her Instagram which was huge for our business.”

The Detroit Cookie Company has offices in Ferndale, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids. Each of their locations will hand out 300 cookies to the first 300 customers who enter after the big win. (See, we’re counting on the Rams to win).

From the looks of these cookies, not only is Matthew Stafford an amazing quarterback, but he has a great taste in sweets.

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